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Coolest and Best Cities to Visit in Southern USA This Vacation

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Although a vast number of people visit America each year, many of the best cities to visit in Southern USA remain unexplored. Not many people realize that the South of USA is an exciting region to explore. Dividing the US by region is actually quite a smart thing to do since the country is too vast. This way, you can explore top attractions in the US region-wise. This vacation, why not try to explore some of the best cities to visit in Southern USA? The South of USA is an enigmatic, charming, culturally diverse, and spectacular region to explore. There are exciting places to visit, fun things to do, delicious dishes to try, and top tourist attractions in the deep South to enjoy. We’ve listed some of the very best cities to visit in Southern USA this vacation. Take a quick peek now!

Coolest and Most Beautiful Cities in the South of USA to Visit:

Find some of the coolest and fun things to do in the South this weekend. Several family vacation spots in USA are found in the South region. So, regardless of whether you visit with family, friends, or go it solo, there are scores of best cities to visit in Southern USA. You don’t even have to make plans in advance for a trip. Simply board some cheap last minute flights and you can be well on your vacation to the awesome American South! Check out your options below.

Savannah, Georgia

Coolest and Best Cities to Visit in Southern USA This Vacation

This is America’s coolest Southern towns to explore if you’re a nature-cum-history lover. Think landscaped gardens and historical neighborhoods. Art students have breathed a new life into the culture of Savannah in recent years. You can find a mixture of traditional stunning squares and modern artworks in the city. Enjoy historic trolley tours, stroll along the gorgeous waterfront, and grab a delicious bite to eat at The Olde Pink House.

Orlando, Florida

Coolest and Best Cities to Visit in Southern USA This Vacation

If you’re traveling with kids, this is among the best cities to visit in Southern USA. However, although it’s among the best places to visit down South with kids, Disney theme parks aren’t the only exciting tourist attractions to enjoy here. There are countless avenues, top-class restaurants, and seemingly endless shopping ops to enjoy. Make the trip at a week-long one so that you have plenty of time to enjoy as many of the top Orlando attractions as you can.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Coolest and Best Cities to Visit in Southern USA This Vacation

Although it may look like an offbeat choice, Charlottesville is among the best cities to visit in Southern USA. The place is a hidden jewel offering awesome chances to explore spectacular vineyards and a deep insight into the region’s history. There are more than 30 vineyards and wineries to explore. Also, the region has been witnessing a burst of cider activity recently. So, if your idea of a vacation is to hop from one winery to the next to try delicious wine samples, Charlottesville is the place for you to be!

Nashville, Tennessee


One of the most popular music cities in Southern USA, Nashville is a class apart. Consider booking business class flights for a visit to Nashville if you’re a die-hard country music fan. However, country-western isn’t the only kind of awesome music here. There’s plenty of rock n’ roll and blues in the city as well. You can also explore fantastic historical homes in the region. Also, don’t forget to try the mouthwatering local cuisine!

New Orleans

The Big Easy, like its nickname, is a chilled-out place when it comes to visiting the South of USA. There are fireworks, parades, and fun parties pretty much all year round in New Orleans. Also, it’s the best place to enjoy the finest ever Creole and Cajun cultures. Look forward to the open bars, fun nightclubs, and friendly locals ever-ready to raise a toast. Speaking cuisine-wise, don’t forget to try the gulf Oysters, Crawfish, Po’ Boys, and Redfish.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

This stunning coastal port city is among the best cities to visit in Southern USA especially if you love seafood. Visiting the South cannot get better than this! Stroll past fashionable mansions in The Battery, enjoy views of the Ravenel Bridge from a rooftop bar, and chow down on delicious Oysters like it’s the end of the world! Mingle with the friendly locals who are as fabulous as the city’s architecture and food. Take awesome pictures to add to your vacation album.

Austin, Texas


Austin is not just among the best cities to visit in Southern USA, but it’s also among the most popular ones. You should definitely consider booking flights to USA from India or elsewhere in the world for a trip to Austin. Spectacular architecture, fashionable and friendly locals, a laid-back vibe, quirky museums, a fantastic music scene, and lip-smacking food are just some of the many things you can look forward to enjoying in Austin. With its bevy of awesome attractions, this Southern US city will charm you to the core!

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