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7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay – Thailand vacation

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Finding a place to match your wanderlust? Bangkok and Pattaya stand on top for a perfect vacay with friends. Nightlife is what a party freak craves for and wait Bangkok and Pattaya have gathered fame for its outrageous nightlife. Charge you adrenaline with enigmatic lifestyle in the most beautiful cities of Thailand. Relax your muscles and soul with the unbeatable Thai massage. Bangkok and Pattaya are both perfect places to escape out for holidays. Bangkok and Pattaya both give you numerous reasons to visit the cities.

For more convenience, you can choose one of the Bangkok Pattaya packages so that you don’t have to worry about your next stop as everything will be pre-planned by your trip planner..

Now, Read these best reasons to visit Bangkok and Pattaya.

Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya.

1. Coral Islands- Bundle of Beaches.

7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay

Coral Islands has a collection of most ultimate coastal beaches. Bless your mood with the best panoramic view of the endless sea. The coral Island bundles a total of 6 beaches with the ultimate coral ocean. The enigmatic beaches are full of restaurants, bar, shops to meet your untimely desires. Not only for peace the beaches offer a thrilling experience for adventure seekers. Yes, you heard it right, beaches have a number of water sports for every adventurer. Pleasure your taste buds with delicious Thai food. These are the 6 beaches you can explore on Coral Island.

  • Tawaen Beach
  • Taytay Beach
  • Naul Beach(Monkey Beach)
  • Tien Beach
  • Samae Beach
  • Tongland Beach

2. Underwater World Pattaya

When talking about the most famous spots in Thailand Underwater World has made its reputation in top 10 places to visit in Pattaya. Take a walk into a 105m long tunnel and explore the habitat of over 30000 species of marine animals from the Underwater World’s observation tunnel. Observing marine life so closely will send shivers into your mind. The underwater life in the park is divided into 4 zone tanks namely

  • Moray Eel Tank
  • Coral Reef Zone
  • Open Ocean Zone
  • Giant of Siam Zone

You can experience the live feeding of marine animals according to their daily schedule. Dive into the pool with the expert divers and explore the feeding.

3. Biggest Market.

Bangkok is a heaven for shopaholics. You can buy anything you want from Bangkok and that too from a single market. The endless market of Bangkok is known to consume your whole day. With more than 15000 stalls Chatuchak market offers every variety of every product you wish to buy. In addition to Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market, Pattaya is full of street markets. If your shopping cart is still not full then you can fill it in the streets of Pattaya.

4. Nocturnal Nightlife.

Living the extraordinary nightlife is the dream of every party animal. The craving for parties attracts young blood to Bangkok and Pattaya. Partying like animals, getting high with drinks and drugs, only the thought of this sends a chill into the veins of party freaks. Unlimited Bars, clubs, strip club will not let think of doing something else. Most of the clubs are foreigner friendly and will provide the best service to you. Outrageous nightlife is the biggest reason why Bangkok and Pattaya attract party freaks like a magnet.

5. Parasailing.

7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay

Pattaya’s beach is famous for watersports and parasailing is one of the most adventurous sports activity you can enjoy at Pattaya Beaches. The Parasails in the sky cannot be outnumbered by the number of kites in India’s Sky. Get a chance to avail the chance of watching the panoramic view of the sea along with Pattaya city. The parachute is attached with a hook to a boat. This thrilling experience has an addon when the speedboat drivers give a shock by stopping the speed boat in the middle of nowhere and will stop to let the parachute touch the water and then he picks up the speed again.

6. Mouth Watering Thai Cuisine.

7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay

Thai nourishment has made its distinction because of the gigantic assortment and mouth-watering taste. The most astonishing thing is that heavenly sustenance isn’t expensive. You will ponder to realize that the genuine taste of Thai sustenance can be profited at the roads of Bangkok and Pattaya. Indeed, even the cafes and restaurants offer less expensive nourishment with a divine taste. Thai cooking is acclaimed on the planet and is cherished by each guest. Particularly for non-vegetarian, seafood is the best and delicious with Thai Taste.

7. Thai Massage

7 Reasons to Visit Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay

The best and most famous activities in Thailand is Thai Massage. Almost every person visiting Bangkok and Pattaya craves for a Thai massage. A trip to Thailand is much wasted if you haven’t taken the relaxing Thai Massage. Using gentle pressure and stretching are the core parts of this massage. Thousand years ago the Thai massage was evolved from Indian culture.

The medical advantages of Thai backrub are boundless like pressure mitigating, altogether boosting the vitality levels. Extending procedures utilized in Thai back rub expands blood course level. Notwithstanding such a significant number of advantages of Thai back rub, the rate begins from just $10.

There are lot more reasons why you should visit Bangkok and Pattaya. Above mentioned were some of them of them hope you liked it. So, what are you waiting for pack your bags and get ready to rock.

Enjoy your trip!!!
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