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Be a real soul free person, go all the way

by Guest Blogger

I have seen many people say that they have to travel and say that they are walking, but travel is so simple. From the idea of ​​creating a place to the beginning, to the real action, there are too many things in the middle, too many details need to be considered, the world is not what you imagine, not so much passion, romance, more is the day after day The monotonous cycle of the day, when you want to break through this law, you must do a good job of breaking the blood flow of the psychological expectations, otherwise the troubles that are coming and difficult to predict can be enough to offset the flash of desire in an instant.

In my eyes, there are two kinds of travel

In my eyes, there are two kinds of travel, to see a person, and to see alone. The former said that it would give the other party a surprise, but those who are responsible, or those who think more about things, will inevitably think more. This unexpected action will bring the other party More trouble, the other side’s surprise face has hidden deeper boredom and intolerance. Instead of being so tired of so much worry, it is better to give the other person enough time to prepare. This is a bondage and a kind of respect.

So, if you leave, you are still only suitable for one person to see. In your spare time, arrange everything, go to see where you want to go, see the people along the way, the scenery along the way, think about something but more will not want anything. Everything you see in your eyes has taken up all your mind. It takes a long time to relish, to pick, and to cherish the most touching images.

Be a real soul free person, go all the way

When you go back to the aftertaste, you may get happiness, perhaps regret, or calm. No matter what, you will gain a mood, a state of mind, because a story you only know, a fortune. One day in the future, you can share it with anyone, not to show off, just to share it. In the future, I would like to thank myself for having once gone through it and let my heart have something more for a lifetime.

If someone asks…

If someone asks, is there more than two, and go out with friends and friends? What I want to say is that travel and play are different. Travel is to go, to listen, to see, to taste, to play, to enjoy, to go to fun.

The place to travel does not need to have a moving landscape, and does not require proof of visitors, even if I have seen countless times from small to large, such as the roof where I lived for ten years, it can also be the place to travel. Ten years later, I still like the swallows above my head, the sunset in the distance. Traveling outside, traveling in the heart.

If there is such a person, or a group of people, willing to travel with you, in my opinion, it is to see a person and a person to see the most beautiful combination, although different individuals, but have a blend of each other The soul, walking together, is like walking alone. Beautiful symbol

In my jealousy, there is such a person who walks with you and walks away, and has the most beautiful meaning of travel. It will let you have the courage of not being troubled by reality, the incomprehension of others, and being a true soul free person, all the way forward, like a pilgrimage of the soul.

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