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Best 6 Road Trips Around the World

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Road trips are the greatest way to discover the beautiful landscape and culture of the world’s diverse nations. These are the world’s six best road trips.

1. New Zealand’s South Island.

Best 6 Road Trips Around the World

Two ways you can travel South Island. One by Flying Kiwi with is affordable and another is with own camper van. One just has to follow the roads around the island to discover everything. In a very small area, New Zealand has a diverse landscape. The changing landscape of travelers will always be hypocritical in every moment before their eyes. In South Island there are Pancake Rocks, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Abel Tasman, Lake Tekapo and Kaikoura which have to go by car.

2. Mongol Rally: 12 countries & 2 continents.

Best 6 Road Trips Around the World

It’s the mother to travel, and when you are ready for a lifetime adventure, it’s a must. It’s a famous road trip around the world. The Mongol Rally is a charitable rally that starts in London, England and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. You select and take your route as long as you want. You just have to collect some money and buy a car, which used to be given to the country, but now you have to shift back. Or drive back in a different route if you’ve got loads of time.

You can visit there 2 continents, 12 countries, endless possibilities- Siberia, Mongol Steppe, Prague, Brussels, Kiev, Kazakhstan.

3. Cabot Trail,Canada.

Best 6 Road Trips Around the World

This 298 km route crosses Cape Breton Island and is probably Nova Scotia ‘s most beautiful part. The northern section that leads you through the magnificent National Park of the Cape Breton Higlands, home to bald addicts and swine and black bears, is a highlight of the trail. Take a pleasant journey to explore charming, small towns where the influences of the French and Scots are still evident.

 4. Iceland’s ring road.

A road trip that goes right around the island, 1339 km from the N1 allows you to take in the beautiful landscape of Iceland, from fruitful valleys to snowy mountain ranges and lava fields to lively blue fjords and volcanic craters. This beautiful, if brutal countryside is ideal for four wheel exploration.


5. The Karakoram Highway.

The world’s tallest paved road, the Karakoram Road connects the rocky mountain range between China and Pakistan that separates these two countries. One of the most amazing routes in the world, without a doubt. The trip will lead you to some epic scenery from towering mountains covered with snow to rocky Gorges and pale blue rivers, without mentioning the many rock art pieces that date back to 1000 BC.

6. The Atlantic Road, Norway.

The Atlantic Road has seven bridges, allowing the road to follow the islands of the sea like a snake. This is called ‘The Road in the Ocean’. The Atlantic Road trip is a great journey for everyone who wants to experience the unique combination of natural and engineering, whether by car, foot or bike. Also this area is interesting for watching seals, seabirds and other wildlife.

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