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Children are the most adorable and priceless creations of nature that complete a family. However, understanding children’s behavior and helping them to grow up into healthy or productive citizens of society is the most difficult, continuous, and challenging task for parents. The reason is that every child behaves differently in the same environment, changes, or activities. Moreover, they are very sensitive and quick in adopting behaviors. 

Expressing different mood swings such as happiness, sadness, crying, and tiredness is a common practice among children, especially at growing age. However, the prolonged existence of any behavior is an indication of mental health issues. And it demands you immediately consult the best child psychiatrist in Dubai or your residential area. 

Child psychiatrists help you to understand and eliminate the driving force behind the mental sickness of your children. They use various techniques such as playing and ABA therapy to diagnose the problem and then help the children to cope with it. 

When to Seek Help From a Child  Psychiatrist 

Children are sensitive to different kinds of changes and they respond to everything. However, every child behaves differently in the same situation. They experience different feelings or emotions, fights with friends, and work burdens. But sometimes, they fail to cope with their feelings or emotions due to various reasons which can lead them to mental health illness. 

For the retention of normal mental health, it’s important to understand the mental health difficulties your children are fighting with and the reasons behind them. It helps you to find out whether you need to seek help from professionals or not. Some important signs that your children need a psychiatrist are listed below. 


Children respond to everything that happens to them or in their surroundings. They show sadness, happiness, and even aggressiveness over small matters. However, they easily get off from these feelings. In some cases, children are stuck in situations that strongly affect their behavior or develop negative practices in their social behavior such as aggressiveness. 

If your children show increasing irritation and behave aggressively over small issues then it’s alarming. Prolonging exhibition of aggressiveness is a sign of mental health issues and you need to immediately consult a professional for tackling it at the early stages.  

Change in Sleeping and Eating Behavior 

Children show changes in their sleeping or eating behaviors due to different factors, especially environmental and growing changes. Sometimes they eat more or less than usual under the influence of their mood swings such as happiness ie sadness. Similarly, stress and excitement impact the sleeping pattern of children. 

If your children are going through abnormal eating and sleeping behavior for too long, it’s time to show concern and consult a child psychiatrist. Because slight negligence or delay in treatment can lead to the development of physical health issues such as obesity and insomnia. 


There are various stages of life where children feel hopeless and lack confidence. However, the development of extreme clinginess is a red alert to your children’s mental health. In this condition, children lose self-confidence or courage to tackle even minute problems or crises. 

Connecting with a professional psychiatrist and giving attention can help you to retain the normal mental health of your children. 

Social Withdraw 

Some children do not like to make friends and prefer to enjoy their own company. But they still have some persons with whom they feel comfortable sharing their feelings or performing different activities. If your children avoid gatherings, play with siblings, and communicate with you, they are suffering from loneliness, the most common psychiatric disorder. 

Self Harm 

Urging to self-harm is also an important sign of mental health sickness. In this case, children show weird behavior, skin plucking, and suicidal attempts. Its a sign of a worse mental disorder state which requires immediate steps or treatment to avoid severe consequences 

Wrapping up 

After going through this guide you have enough information about the common signs of children’s mental disorders. If your children show any of these signs constantly then it’s the right time for consulting a professional child psychiatrist in Dubai or any other area which is suitable for you. However, make sure to choose a credible platform such as Camali clinic to avoid further troubles, time, and money loss.

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