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Ghana Africa Beautiful Designation

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Ghana is a very accessible and friendly vacation destination. The magnificent beaches along the coast can compete with the Seychelles or Mauritius. The clear blue sea and sandy beaches are a major attraction for Ghana, and when you see them, you understand why.


The climate in Ghana is very hot and it remains that way all year round. So it really depends on yourself when you want to visit this country. The tropical climate comes with tropical rain, so it may be advisable to try to avoid the months of April to June when rain is more common. North Ghana tends to be the hottest area, so avoid it if you prefer cooler weather or up, if it looks like hot, sticky weather.

Visa and Health Safety

To get into Ghana you need a visa. You also need evidence of yellow fever vaccination on arrival. Malaria and dengue are also major health risks in Ghana and it is recommended to take precautions against these diseases. It is also sensible to drink only treated water and eat fresh and hot food.


The beaches of Accra and the surroundings are the best and if possible after accommodation here, as the activities in this area are excellent. Many of the hotels will have swimming pools and to swim more safely, it would be advisable to use them instead of risking the hangover and springs of Accra lagoons.

Ghana Africa Beautiful Designation


Sport fishing is a popular sport that benefits both locals and travelers, and barracuda reigns in the area, so if you want to fight with a barracuda, it may be your chance. Other water sports where you can participate are sailing, water skiing and diving.

Lake Volta is a key area for this type of sport, but may be the best place to participate in Fete. This can be found west of Accra and has long been the most popular water sports destination.

National Parks

For nature lovers there is a visit to one of the many nature reserves. Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bia National Park, Bui National Park, Mole Game Reserve and Kakum Natural Park are highly respected and fun opportunities for wildlife and hiking opportunities. The rainforest in these regions is spectacular and the organized excursions are highly recommended.

Mole National Park, located in northern Ghana, is home to wildlife such as buffalo, baboon, wild boar, crocodile and elephant. To visit the Mole National Park you need your own means of transportation. This can be a bother, but renting your own vehicle is quite economical, especially if the price is divided into a group.

Ghana Africa Beautiful Designation

Moving to Ghana is a little known country in Africa that may often be ignored by tourists because of the lack of tourist information about it. But being alone in Africa should be a testament to the majestic wildlife that every tourist only experiences in Africa and nothing else in the world. To make sure you have the best Ghanaian experience, here are our suggested activities and places to see.

Ghanaian Holidays

There is nothing richer and more appealing than an authentic Ghanaian experience than going to the local festivities in Ghana. Surely you will love all the dances and drumming and local foods. You can also see sacred rituals and other ceremonies that honor their dead, celebrate their ancestors and others.

African safari

What good is a visit to Africa without experiencing its popular wildlife safari? In Ghana you can go on a safari in their national parks, hunting sanctuaries and reserves. A guided tour will surely create a magnificent and impressive wildlife experience for anyone who enjoys what kind of offer.

Fighting the beach

Ghana also has some spectacular beaches that you can visit. Relax under the African sun on one of the many stretches of the beach in Ghana: the beaches of Coco, Kokrobite and Ada are some of the beaches visiting locals and visitors.

National Museum

The National Museum is not as bright and rich in history as an African National Museum should be. But the National Museum of Ghana still offers some historical data about the country. There are also colorful collections of stools, garments, clothes and armor with intricate designs that truly represent the culture of Ghana.


Believe it or not, you will see these coffins from Ghana. Often, they are designed in such a way that they somehow tell the kind of life a particular person has lived. Often called the Fantasy Chests, these wooden boxes are more than a place to put the dead, they also tell the story of the person inside.

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