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Pests or rodents, especially rats infestation in restaurants, is a common practice in most regions of the world. The reason is that restaurants are enriched with food, water, and shelter sources for pests. Having rats in your workplace, especially in restaurants is quite alarming for the reputation of your restaurant.

The reason is that rats can contaminate your food, cut electric wires and bite the kids of the customers. Therefore the restaurants are used to take the services of professional rat exterminators in Surrey BC  regularly. It will help you to keep rats away from your restaurant. 

Often people ignore the presence of one or two rats because they thought them harmless. Whereas a single couple of rats can give birth to millions of rats within 16-18 months only. Therefore, it’s always advised to take immediate steps to inspect the infestation level when you notice a single mouse inside or around the restaurant. Various DIY methods, repellents, traps, and poison are used to kill and eliminate the rats from the restaurant. However, all of these methods are not effective enough to get rid of rat infestation. 

Have rats infested your restaurant? It’s time to explore effective rat disinfestation methods and take action. 

Inspection & blocking Of Entry Points/ Nests 

Keeping the door closed is the best practice to avoid welcoming unwanted guests. Therefore, the very first thing to keep your restaurant safe from rats or to remove rats is to demolish their entrance or living place. Carefully inspect all the doors, walls, and open areas of the restaurants and make a list of all the holes, or debris you noticed. The possible entrance points of rates include,

• Open doors or windows 

• Broken glass of the outside window

• Through the holes in the door or walls 

• Under space of the doors 

Block or repair all these points to keep away the new rats from your place. Now take the services of professionals to remove the rats or baby rats from the debris or nests of the mice in the soil and walls. The reason is that blocking nests may result in the death of baby rats that are present in the holes and cause an unbearable smell. 

Natural Repellents 

Removal of rats from restaurant or homes through DIY projects is also a common but less effective practice. Various natural rat repellents including pepper, mint, and poison balls are placed near all the possible places for rats to nest. That results in the running away or the death of the rats. However, this method contains heavy risks for the restaurant. The reason is that poisonous material content with any food item, stationary, or other ingredients can lead to food contamination with poisonous material. And it can lead to serious consequences or sometimes a complete ban or shutdown of the restaurant.

And the death of a rat in a hidden wall hole can spoil the whole environment with an unbearable smell. And you may have to turn up the walls for the spotting and removal of the source of the smell which results in the heavy cost of time and money. 

Traps & Ultrasonic Devices 

Physical traps are the most effective weapons to control the rat population and get rid of them. Various types of electronic devices are placed in areas that can be easily accessed by rats. Various foods, especially cheese, are placed along the trap to attract the rats. 

These traps are checked and cleaned regularly to avoid the spreading of disease or smells because of dead rats.

Various ultrasonic devices that produce the sounds to the runway of the rats are also used for the disinfestation of rats. These sounds are only detected by the rats and they feel irritated. Therefore, they run away from the open door or windows.

Hiring Professionals 

In case of heavy infestation hiring pest control services is the most effective and economic choice. Professional rat exterminators equipped with all the knowledge and tools not only guaranteed the 100% removal of rats but also provide professional advice to repair the damages done by the rats and avoid re-infestation.

In A Nutshell 

Various DIY projects and chemicals used to get rid of rats are not effective at all, rather they cause more trouble. However, the use of physical traps and hiring professionals can assist you in completely eradicating the rats from your restaurant. 

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