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Nagaland Tourism – Complete Nagaland Travel Guide

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Nagaland Tourism: Nagaland is one of India’s northeastern states. It borders Assam on its west and north, Arunachal Pradesh on its north, Manipur on its south and the country Myanmar on its east side.

Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India with a total area of 16,579 square kilometers (6400 sq mi). The Naga Hills are running through this tiny state that has Saramati at an altitude of about 12,600 ft as its highest point. The terrain is mountainous, thickly wooded and cut through deep valleys of the river. There is a wide range of plants and animals.

Getting to Nagaland

Nagaland Tourism – Complete Nagaland Travel Guide
Dimapur Railway Station

Nagaland is linked to the rest of India by railway, bus and air services. The nearest railway station is Dimapur, 74 km away from Kohima, where you can get a taxi to Kohima at the front of the station. The airport is approximately 68 kilometers away from Kohima, approximately 2.5 hours away by road. Almost every train and bus goes through Guwahati to Dimapur. You can also fly to Imphal in Manipur, which is about 4 hours away from Kohima by road. Imphal is well-linked with both Guwahati and Kolkata.

Nagaland Weather

Talking of the climate in Nagaland, it can be said that throughout the year the state has quite a pleasant weather. The pleasant climate made this one of the Indian subcontinent’s most famous tourist places. Nagaland has a generally high humidity monsoon climate; the average rainfall is between 1,800 and 2,500 mm (70 to 100 inches) yearly.

Places to go in Nagaland

There are plenty of things you should do in Kohima, some of them would be visiting heritage villages and attending the special festivals.

Khonoma Village

Khonoma village is known as the first green village of India. The hilly terrain of this village makes it look beautiful. And these hilly areas are covered with lush green forestland. And you will witness the lands filled with rice paddies after the rains.

Dzuleke Village

Dzuleke literally means water flowing underground. There is a river that flows under the ground once it reaches this village. In recent times this place is getting popularity due to Ecotourism and homestays offered here. Travelers are falling in love with this place due to its beauty and serenity.

Kohima War Cemetery

The Kohima War Cemetery is constructed in remembrance of the 2nd British Division soldiers who sacrifice their lives in Kohima during the Second World War. It is situated in the Kohima city centre.

Naga Heritage Village – Kisama

Kisama village is known as Naga heritage village and fondly called a window to Nagaland. This place has gained popularity due to the famous Hornbill festival happening around November – December (for 2019 the dates announced are 1st Dec 2019 – 10th Dec 2019).

Activities in Nagaland

1. Dzukou Valley

Nagaland Tourism – Complete Nagaland Travel Guide
Dzukou Valley

This place is also named as the magical valley of Nagaland. The suspended height from sea level is near about 2,462 meters; thus it is known as the most astounding place for trekking. Take a moment here to marvel at the display of seasonal flowers.

2. Mountain Biking

Walking alongside the water flow or on the Peak Mountains side is an adventurous activity you can’t experience in any other region. Therefore, Nagaland is a destination to try mountain biking if you have an adventure sense.

3. Trekking at the Japfu Peak

Fun, adventure and activities like camping or hiking; the Japfu Peaks are known for all these outdoor explorations. Those are just a few of Nagaland’s various things to do.

Nagaland Foods

Nagaland Tourism – Complete Nagaland Travel Guide
Kohima Bamboo Market

Naga cuisine is one of North East India’s most underrated cuisine. A traditional Naga cuisine is made up of fermented, dried and smoked rice and different types of home-made sauces. Some of Naga’s famous cuisines are Hinkejvu, Akini Chokibo, Akhuni Smoked Pork, Bamboo Fish, Galho etc.

Places to stay in Nagaland

Most of Nagaland’s hotels are located in its capital Kohima. While the facilities they give are fairly good and inexpensive. However, while in Nagaland, the best way to understand and experience the local culture is a homestay. There are several of them on the road of the Dzukou Valley trail.

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Nagaland Language 

The language diversity that exists in Nagaland can not be found in any other parts in India. Naga people speak up to 36 different languages and dialects. Besides Nagamese, there are also many languages spoken by the people of the state. These languages come under the Tibetan-Burmese language group and are divided into three parts: Western, Central and Eastern Naga groups.

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