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Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!

by Guest Blogger

Travelling to Newcastle is one of the best ways to spend your time as you visit the beautiful lands of the United Kingdom. Together with your lovely family, surely, there will be no time wasted as you enjoy and cherish the precious moments in the land. It’s not only famous for castles and historic houses but of its tourist spots and attractions.

There are many stunning scenes, views, and establishments in this iconic city in Britain. Not to mention, even seemingly simple parks, malls, shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels in Newcastle are astonishing when you come closer and most especially when you enter in. 

As a traveller, you probably wonder where you can go with your family. There are too many recommendations and choices, but if you want to know some places where you can visit together with your playful children, check out the list below!

These are 3 outstanding Newcastle museums your kids will absolutely love! You will never have a hard time taking care of them here because the kids will be amazed and entertained big time! Keep reading! 

Seven Stories

Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!
Photo Source – Chronicle Live UK – Seven Stories

When you travel with your family, you aim not just to enjoy but also to make it a wonderful learning experience for the whole team, especially for the kids, both the little and the big ones. Seven Stories is a museum that surprises you in a very extraordinary way. It is delightful how it is exceptionally concentrated on children’s literature. It’s like a library full of incredibly exciting twists that even adults will get mind blown.

Seven Stories is found in the Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle, created in 2005, and became a registered charity in 2012, The National Centre for Children’s Books. This museum is not like any other for it offers an informational trip to the world of children’s literature.

As you go inside, courteous and friendly reception staff welcome you and begin introducing the museum and its features. You can approach them for any need you have, especially if you are a bit confused about the museum’s facilities, displays and regulations. The building has seven floors, thus, the reason for its name. Every floor has fun surprises and is focused on certain aspects of literature. There are exhibitions, illustrations and galleries filled with fascinating facts and stories of literature and its history.

Kids are very well involved because there are storytellers during storytime activities. Performances are held in the museum too. Several famous children’s books in the United Kingdom are demonstrated there together with original manuscripts.

It would be a terrific opportunity for your kids to join the museum’s workshops as well. Celebrated children’s book authors and illustrators pay a visit to conduct workshops, talks and seminars.

Photo Source – Living Social

There are multi-sensory backpacks and ear defenders lent to visitors for a superior museum experience. There is an independent bookshop located in the museum. It is notable for it has been acknowledged by The Bookseller’s Association as one of the country’s chiefest independent bookshops. Regardless if your child is still a baby, a toddler or a young adult, there are books and interactive activities to enjoy and encounter, suitable for all ages.

The center has an expert bookshop team comprised of people willing and able to help find the book you exactly need! There is a studio where the whole family can bond while painting, doodling, writing and building together. It’s unbelievable, but you can also have a picnic in the distinct and peaceful environment of its World Lab. Interactive displays are aidful for kids to bring home new knowledge and unforgettable experience. Kids can play, dress up, put their hands on the things they do and meet other people as well. 

Seven Stories is a place you should not miss when you visit Newcastle with your family! 

Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!
Photo Source – Trip Advisor – Seven Stories

Discovery Museum

Source – TripAdvisor – Discovery Museum

Free is rare to find today, especially if you’re getting something dear. The Newcastle’s  Discovery Museum does not belong to that rarity! Free of charge, you can visit it with the whole family and enjoy its interesting, informative and interactive exhibits and offered activities!

A local history museum located in Blandford Square, the Discovery Museum introduces and centres on military and maritime history. It houses the legendary Turbinia, which is the 31.93-meter ship created by Charles Algernon Parsons, launched in 1894.

Opened in 1934, the original name of this museum is the Municipal Museum of Science and Industry. Its first location was in a pavilion, and after four decades, when it can no longer accommodate the museum’s needs, it was moved to its current locale. In 1993, it was renamed as Discovery Museum.

It is also a Science museum having a Science maze and a section where great inventors are introduced and highlighted together with their key contributions to Newcastle and to the world. The Discovery Museum is a good place to visit for you to unveil and know about Newcastle’s history since the Roman period up to the present age.

Not just for the little ones, but even for the older kids and for adults, there are plenty of things to do and to get informed about! You may not be able to finish the galleries because the interactive exhibits are just magnetizing you to stay and have more fun!

Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!
Photo Source – Discovery Museum website

You might be overwhelmed and very unprepared not only by the spectacular stuff you will see and experience in the Discovery Museum but also by the water area where kids can play and have loads of awesomesauce fun! Bring spare clothes for the kids, so they can have lots of splashing in the Tyne River activity!

It is helpful that there are clean toilets available inside the museum. Also, if you want to take a rest for a while, eat some snacks and sip some hot coffee, there is a cafe within! You can buy remembrance items in the small gift shop there. 

You can spend the whole day learning and getting your hands busy and your minds working well in the Discovery Museum in Newcastle! There’s no entrance fee required, but kind donations are appreciated!

Beamish Museum

Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!
Source – Pinterest – Beamish

People, especially kids, nowadays spend most of their time on their electronic gadgets. Eyes on their tablet screens, fingers on their mobile phones and earphones playing loud music inside their ears–those are definitely familiar scenarios, aren’t they? That’s why you should take your children to a museum that makes them keep their gadgets shut off. Pay a visit to Beamish Museum.

Situated in County Durham England, Beamish Museum is not just like any other tourist site because it is a living museum. By hearing just that, you will know already that it’s going to be some interactive and engaging day out with your family, and it’s what you absolutely need!

In the year 1972, this museum welcomed guests and tourists into its wonderful place. Approximately, it occupies a 350-acre land in an open space! Astounding, isn’t it? Its founder, Frank Atkinsons was inspired by folk museums, so he decided to build this open-air museum for the North East.

What drove Frank to embark on this artistic setting is the reality that the region’s industrial background and culture have been slowly changing and fading away. He wanted to let even the new generations and those which are about to be born to know what life in the earlier times is comprised of, when nothing is yet altered and everything is still raw and not modern. There goes shipbuilding, coal mining, iron production and other industries and communities. These are just some of those that have made huge contributions to how the city has become the successful one that it is today.

Photo Source – Radisson Blu Blog

It is, without a doubt, an awesome place to bring your kids to when you visit Newcastle! It is a museum not filled with modern inventions and futuristic plans and visions, rather a museum that vibrantly demonstrates and encapsulates the lives of ordinary people in the past. Its prime aim to bring the region’s history alive in front of it’s guest’s eyes.

Visit Beamish Museum together with your beloved family, and be among the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year that get mesmerized. On its 120-hectare estate, you can witness collections of translocated, actual and model buildings. It is marvellous how there is still a huge cluster of artefacts and antiquities. There are functioning vehicles and equipment which you can ride in as transportation to many portions of the huge open-air museum.

You and your kids might find it unbelievable that there is livestock in this museum! You are probably used to frames and sculptures, but Beamish gives you something you have not seen before in any typical tourist spot in the city! There are museum staff dressed in period attire, explaining what happened in that certain era and sharing information regarding the objects found there.

You will see right in front of your face how the past comes to life. The museum provides hands-on experience as you fly back to the past. You can taste traditional food, witness how sweets are created and baked, ride a tram or steam elephant or train, play schoolyard games together, experience the coal mine and many more! It is a peerless look back to the past! 

Going to Beamish Museum is never a regretful thing because it’s a significant time when your kids will intentionally forget about their gadgets! There are so many interesting things in this museum that will keep their eyes glued and their minds overly curious! It is an educational place, giving understanding to remarkable points in Newcastle’s history. It allows your kids (and you as an adult) to bring home an eye-opening experience because it does not just give you mere knowledge, but lets you feel like you were really there in that period in the past. 

Newcastle Travel: 3 Museums in Newcastle That Your Kids Won’t Get Enough Of!
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons – Beamish Museum

No wonder Beamish Museum has garnered tons of awards ever since its opening. Museum of the Year (1986) and Large Visitor Attraction of the Year – Bronze (2016) are just some of them. 

Just get yourselves ready because as Beamish Museum is a living museum, it is full of walking for the visitors! Many guests do not finish roaming around the whole museum within one day because it’s too vast, and you certainly don’t want to take the experience in a hurry. With that, don’t hesitate to come back the next day! Especially if you are staying in nearby accommodation in Newcastle, there’s no problem at all! There are hotels, inns and serviced apartments in Newcastle within reach the museum, so come and get your day 2 visit!

Also, you can purchase a pass that allows you to enter anytime in one full year! That means even in your next Newcastle travel, you can go in Beamish by showing your museum pass!

Family Travel to Newcastle

Traveling has a lot of advantages, and one of them is becoming more knowledgeable about the world and many things in it. There’s always something new to learn–an abundance of discoveries and explorations to unravel and histories and futures to appreciate and understand. 

The above-mentioned museums in Newcastle are just among the finest picks if you are looking for places to visit in the city. When you travel to Newcastle with your family, you aim to spend memorable time while you also take home useful, entertaining and substantial experience! And going to these places in the United Kingdom will never be regretful. Have a gorgeous family time in Newcastle!

Author Bio: 
Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, an exemplary traditional hotel alternative offering bright and spacious serviced apartments for locals and travelers. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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