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Plan Your Budget Trip to Bali

by Syed

Are you thinking about Bali, its dreamy beaches, exotic temples, exciting cuisine, luxury hotels, and pristine greenery for your next vacation? Bali, Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you are a travel aficionado, Bali should be on your ‘must-visit’ list. But with all international destinations, travelling comes at a price. Here’s why you should plan a budget trip to Bali now:

Scenic Tourist Spots

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There are many famous places to visit in Indonesia. However, most of them are located in Bali. Your Bali travel checklist cannot be completed without visiting its majestic temples of Karangasem, beautiful cliff-tops at Karma Kandara, mesmerising beaches near Ubud, the beautiful Ayung and Sungi rivers, and breathtaking valley views of Uluwatu. You can choose from the hand-picked tours offered by tour organisers. For those looking for adventure or for those who wish to plan a trip for honeymoon to Bali, there are special customised tour packages available.

Mesmerising Stays

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In Bali, you can find many budget-friendly stays for budget travellers. You can choose from a wide range of boutique hotels, budget hotels, and luxury hotels around the city. Are you planning to stay in a room that offers a valley view or a beach view? You can choose to stay at a hotel in Gianyar, to experience the exotic valley view.

Similarly, you can find breath-taking beach-view restaurants near Legian beach. You can also choose the ‘stay now, pay later option’ while staying at boutique restaurants and luxury hotels in town. To get the best deals, compare various sites. You can also get comfy homestays in some areas, where you can experience the local cuisine and culture during your stay. Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak offer some of the best homestays in Bali.

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Easy Transportation

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The most convenient way to travel across the city is by bike. Renting a bike is also an inexpensive way to visit here. Taxis are also available if you are ready to pay a little extra. In case you need a driver, you can have a look at local apps, such as Go-JEK. These apps can provide a driver for your rented bike. You will find many options in local Indonesian apps.  

Mouth Watering Cuisine

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You can experience a wide variety of dishes in Indonesian restaurants. Here, you can experience the delight of various local and international cuisines around the town. You can experience popular dishes, including mie goreng (which is a variety of noodles), nasi goreng (a type of local rice preparation), noodle soups, martabak pancakes, and satays in restaurants around the town. Food is affordable here, thus making Bali a Foodie’s paradise. If you are looking for inexpensive local cuisine, you can choose Warungs (local Indonesian restaurants) or local cafes.  

Relaxing Spas

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Bali is known for its rejuvenating spas. There are many affordable spa services and packages available around the town, especially at Dyanapura, Gianyar, and Ubud. However, you can also opt for a spa at a luxury hotel near Balangan beach. The ones at luxury hotels can be expensive. You need to pay for massage services on an hourly basis.

Fun Activities and Shopping

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You can watch theatre shows at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, visit exhibitions near Ultra beach, and get close to the wild in Bali zoo, try ocean walker activities in Tanjung Benoa, and experience gigantic swings and parasailing at Kabupaten Badung. Experiencing all these activities around the town will make you abroad trip to Bali memorable. Bali also has numerous local artisans. The art and crafts around the town are worth every penny you spend. One such shopping location to look for is the Ubud market. In Bali, you can also find a variety of local outfits. You can buy them at inexpensive rates if you are good at bargaining.

Bali is a budget-friendly tourist destination. However, if you are still worried about managing your expenses, you can take a travel loan. A budget trip to Bali is just a few clicks away, thanks to Bajaj Finserv. If you are looking for pre-approved offers for a business loan, personal loan, home loan, and a host of other financial products, download the Bajaj Finserv App. It’s simple; just share your basic details to get your pre-approved offer.

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