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Pros and Cons of traveling to India during monsoon season

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t love monsoons? This is the season where you experience the nippy atmosphere, rain drops everywhere, and hot noodles. This would be the best time to plan a vacation. But what if you have made plans to travel to India and you cannot postpone them? You don’t get vacations all the time. But here is the monsoon season. Would you let go of your vacation plans or you’d love to explore the country even if it’s monsoon?Let’s check out the various pros and cons for traveling to India during monsoon season.



If you visit India during the monsoon season, you will have an advantage. There are less tourists and the attractions you want to visit will be less crowded. This will prove to be beneficial whether you want to explore the Taj Mahal, or you want to spend some time in Karnataka. You’ll be able to walk candidly without stumbling upon other people.

Inexpensive Accommodation

Since monsoon is a low season in India; you can have some inexpensive accommodation facilities around you. Even you don’t need to book any hotel in advance and pay even before you step in. You can change your schedules or stay at a place for a longer time at your own will. As the tourism is comparatively low during this season, you might even get a discount on your accommodation as well.

Pros and Cons of traveling to India during monsoon season

It won’t rain all the time

let go of your fear that the moment you step out, you’ll be drenched in rain water. It doesn’t rain often in the season, just a few times. The rest of the time will just be cool breeze and a cloudy sky. However, there might be heavy rains sometime and you might get stuck somewhere for hours. This doesn’t happen all the time anyway. These heavy rains last only for 2 hours maximum.

Monsoon is an exquisite season for some regions in India

Monsoon doesn’t have to be gloomy and wet everywhere. There are some regions in India where you can choose activities that go straight in line with the rainy season. You can plan a trek to Ladakh in August and hike the Himalayas from July to September. Rajasthan is favorable in monsoon as you would hardly see any rain during your stay there. Monsoon is perhaps the best season to explore waterfalls, wildlife, and gardens.


Expensive Airfares

There are thin chances that you get your flight tickets at their lowest prices during the rainy season in . You can get cheaper tickets during the high seasons due to several connections to your destination. It’s better to keep in check the flight charges at least three months before traveling to India. Find the cheapest airlines with maximum benefits you can get.

Pros and Cons of traveling to India during monsoon season

Heavy rains

Though it doesn’t rain more often like in every 3-4 hours each day, people face dire consequences when it actually rains heavily. One minute there is sunlight, a better sunny day. And the other minute there will be clouds, lightening, and it starts to rain. Thin chances but when it rains, it rains really heavy. It can last for more than 2 hours. The worst part is the typhoon, and this is something you’d never want to witness. It doesn’t occur most of the times, but just once or twice. It’s better to stay in your hotel rooms and wait for the weather to cool down, instead of running out and trying to experience what heavy Indian monsoons are like. Sometimes the roads will be fully drenched in rain water too.

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No National Parks to visit

If you wish to visit some National Parks and reservoirs during the monsoons, you’ll meet with disappointment as National Parks and Reservoirs are opened for tourism only from October to June in India. Even if the monsoons are dry, you won’t have any access to the parks. That implies there will be no wildlife, bird watching, and safaris during this season.

Traveling to India during the monsoon season isn’t a drastic decision. All you have to do is to stay alert during your trip and plan your itinerary accordingly.

Let us know what you think about travel to India during monsoon. Please leave your comments below.

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