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Safety Precautions While Travelling via Flight

by Guest Blogger

We all travel by air at some point in our life, and most people often travel on a regular basis for business purpose. So, the safety of you and the person you’re travelling with completely depends on the precautions that you take while travelling. Here are the safety precautions while travelling via flight that you should follow.

1. If Sitting at the Exit-Row Seat

If you’re sitting near the Exit-row, then you must take these precautions:

  • You must be able to open the exit doors in case of an emergency
  • Must read and understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques
  • You must take action immediately based on the instructions

2. In Case of Fire or Smoke

If a fire takes place during your journey, then do the following:

  • Move away from the fire area and bend down close to the floor
  • If smoke takes place, then use a wet handkerchief and put it over your nose and mouth to filter the smoke and breathe better

3. Restrictions for Electronic Devices

According to Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communications Commission, use of below given electronic devices is prohibited because they emit signals that often interfere with the aircraft’s instrumentation:

  • Cell phones, Radios
  • Televisions

However, you can use the following devices when the plane is at 10,000 feet in altitude:

  • Laptops, Computers, Tabs
  • CD Player, Tape Recorders
Safety Precautions While Travelling via Flight

General Safety Guidelines for Everyone

Everyone on the flight must follow these guidelines.

  • Pay attention when the flight attendant is giving a safety briefing
  • Read the passenger safety card during take-off as well as landing time so that the information stays in your mind
  • Check the location of emergency exit both in the front and behind your seat
  • Count the seats between your seat and exit row so that you can find it easily in case of emergency
  • Tie your seat belt when the flight is about to take-off
  • Feel under the seat until your hand locates the flotation device.

Following these guidelines will help you have a safe journey.

Written by our guest blogger Kate Brown. Kate is an avid reader, writer and traveler. She loves to explore new countries, cities, and exciting ways to make a journey more cheerful. Currently, she is working as a content writer with Jewels Airport Transfers that provide reliable airport taxi services, coaches, and other transportation services from major airports in the UK.

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