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Essential Tips for Bird Watching

by Guest Blogger

Bird watching can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies for anyone. To be able to see and know about birds of different shapes, sizes and colors is a great experience for all the bird lovers. However, one has to follow certain rules or techniques for a better bird watching experience. For instance, you cannot make a lot of noise while you are out there bird watching, as that would startle the birds and they would run away. You would also have to maintain a certain distance from them and not move all of a sudden.

There are many more such techniques that one has to master before one goes for bird watching. So, let us know more about the necessary tips that would make your birding tours more worthwhile!

Take a good pair of binoculars

You can never have a fulfilling birding experience without a decent pair of binoculars. To study the birds and their behaviour, you would always need to get the best view of the birds. Imagine if a bird is at quite a distance from you and you really want to see its plumage more clearly, and you want to see its actions as well, but you are not able to do any of it, just because you do not have any binoculars with you. Hence, bird watching binoculars are a must if you want to enjoy your birding trips. They do not have to be very expensive or anything. There are many binoculars available at comparatively lower prices. Also, you can always borrow one from veteran bird watchers.

Move slowly and don’t make noise

Birds have much sharper hearing abilities than men. Even if you talk just a bit too loudly, they will hear you and move away. So, in order to watch them for longer periods of time, without any disturbance, you should not talk much or even if you do, try to talk in whispers. Also, quick and loud movements can startle a bird in no time and they will flee right then. It’s better to move slowly and carefully to avoid such a situation. If you follow this rule, you can get quite close to a bird for a better view.

Get a field guide or download one

Having a field guide should be mandatory for bird watchers. It has all the essential details about bird habitat as well as the characteristics and song descriptions of various birds. If you do not want to carry a heavy field guide with you because of the weight, you can always download one. They are available as apps on phones these days. You can research any bird whatsoever on these apps. They have more information as well as audio recordings. Also, they are always up-to-date and the best part is, they do not weigh at all.

Maintain a notebook

Don’t forget to take a notebook with you when you go for your birding trips. In an era when most people prefer to do everything on their smartphones, carrying a notebook has its own advantages. Every time you identify a particular bird species, you can write about it in that notebook extensively. A smartphone is not very comfortable for extensive writing.  This notebook, on the other hand, will be like a journal of all your birding experiences. Try to write in as many details as you can, as in the date when you saw that bird, its habitat, gender and behaviour. Also, put all the information in an organized manner, so that when you go through it later, you can easily understand everything. Who knows you might even be able to write a book on all your experiences someday!

Wear clothes that match the surrounding environment

If you wear very brightly colored clothes while you are out for bird watching, you will naturally stand out and the birds will notice your movements. So, in order to avoid getting noticed, wear clothes that match the environment, as in wear clothes that are dark and neutral and that kind of go with the background. Many birds, anyway, do not have very good color vision and if you do this, you will be able to easily follow them without catching their attention.

Use the pishing technique

There are times when no matter how careful you have been, you would not be able to spot any bird for quite long. During those frustrating moments, you can use a technique called pishing. What pishing means is that you have to make squeaky sounds, either by clenching your teeth, blowing air and whispering the word ‘pish’ or you simply have to kiss the back of your hand to produce such noises. There are some birds which are attracted to those sounds and would definitely come into view to check what’s happening.


Bird watching can be an interesting hobby to develop for anyone. You feel a lot more connected with nature when you are in the company of birds and you also get to learn so many new things. Hence, we have compiled this list of birding tips for you, so that as a beginner, you know exactly what to do when you go on birding tours. If you follow these tips, bird watching can become an even more pleasant experience for you and you can make the most of it! So, don’t forget to try them the next time you are on a birding trip and we hope that you will have an amazing time!

Written by our guest blogger

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