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Solo traveling tips – Travel hacks for solo traveler

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Does solo traveling scares you? Well, it should not, because it can even be easier. When you travel with someone, you always have to agree on things and share stuff, which can be honestly tiring. But when you decide to fly solo, you can be selfish as much as you want and only think about what is good for you. To help you master your solo travel, here are some simple hacks you should definitely try out.

1. Pack Light

Solo traveling tips - Travel hacks for solo traveler

Since there will be no one to help you with your luggage, it only makes sense to pack as light as possible. Pack everything you need and test it to see if you can comfortably carry it on your own. If you can picture yourself struggling with your bags on the staircase by yourself, it is time to downsize the luggage. Nobody will know if you are wearing the same outfit for more than one day, so be free to pack less stuff.

2. Be Smart with Cash

When you are abroad, you do not want to be alone and without money. Credit cards are widely accepted, but it is always much easier to pay with cash. However, it is not the best idea to keep all of your cash in one place. You should split it and tuck it in various places.

For example, you can keep a few bills inside an envelope hidden in your luggage, or you can fold some bills and put them into a shopping bag pouch, and keep some cash at hand. Also, you should consider buying a money belt where you can store the money and documents safely and keep them close.

3. Entertainment Kit

Solo traveling tips - Travel hacks for solo traveler

Sightseeing and exploring new countries is exciting and fun, but sometimes you just need that something to keep you busy. Since you want to pack light, the best entertainment is your favorite book.

However, sometimes you just need something to kill the time while waiting for the train or a bus, so it is probably the best to have your phone as an entertainment kit. Here you can explore many apps, play Sudoku or solve puzzles, you just have to find what keeps you satisfied and not bored.

4. Pay Attention to Hygiene

Even though it goes without saying that you have to take care of your hygiene, you can take it to the next level. Use antibacterial wipes on surfaces that you will be in contact with, such as toilet seats, airplane cabin, seats on train and window areas and similar surfaces. Wash your hands whenever you have the chance and do not spare the antibacterial lotion. Better safe than sorry.

5. No Valuables Packed

Any tourist is a No. 1 target of pickpockets and thieves. And since you are here to relax, you surely do not need expensive jewelry, designer handbags, fancy cameras and other devices. Remember, those things are not even 100% safe at the hotel.

The thing you want to do is blend in with the locals, switch to your older wallet and switch the phone case for an older one.

6. Treat Yourself

Solo traveling tips - Travel hacks for solo traveler

When you are on the go your meals tend to be quick and not so tasty. But, since you are traveling solo and can do whatever you want, you should treat yourself with a nice fancy dinner.

Go on a date with yourself and simply enjoy eating and sipping wine at the local restaurant, or find a place where you can dine in a group and simply isolate yourself at the bar and have a chat with a bartender.

7. Learn the Language

Since you are alone on this trip, there is probably no one that shares your mother tongue. That gives you the chance to engage in conversations in a foreign language, and you probably should do your homework before going there and learn some basic words and sentences in that language.

8. Join a Free Walking Tour

Solo traveling tips - Travel hacks for solo traveler

There are lots of countries that are just perfect for solo travelers, and in each bigger city they have numerous daily tours. These tours are tailor made for tourists and you simply walk and learn things about the city without having to pay too much or at all. Walking tours can help you meet new people, too, and maybe even find a companion for your travel.

Your next solo travel should be all about you. Be selfish and treat yourself with some fancy dinners and adventurous experiences, because you deserve it. Also, do not forget to try out some these hacks and you will have the time of your life.

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