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Strolling Streets of Spain – A simple guide for first timers

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Don’t just walk the walk, float your way through the passageways, for history passed along it.
How many times did it come to your mind a number of people had gone by this same street in which you are standing?
A penny for your thought?
Doesn’t it feel weird to know a long history has taken place wherever you go? Let it be a district, or a battlefield or a mountain top, every corner of the earth has its own history in making. So why Spain would be any different?

For some, it’s a dream come true to travel beyond borders and expectations. For some its survival and for others it’s a luxury. Virikson Spain Holidays make everyone’s dreams come true.

Well, it can be either way. Or whatever way you want it to be. Travelling is a journey beyond words that you live only in the moment. How to remember it by? Take a Polaroid camera with you instead of taking a selfie.

Travel the old way.

Why Spain?

Spain is every travellers’ dream. At least once you’ve got to visit it. Now, why is that?
It’s liberation!
It’s traditional and yet modern with a classical touch,
Food is as delicious as one can imagine,
The art life is thriving,
And let’s not forget the cozy sunny beaches shall we?

6 Guidelines for the Virgin Travellers


When travelling to Spain keep a few things in your mind. Its 101 guidelines for first timers who are curious travellers and can be easily mugged (yes that’s right) or either get conned.

Not a great way to start huh?

1. Zip Your Pockets

But you have to take a bitter pill and swallow it. Chomp Chomp! It’s the first and basic precaution in our guideline for you. The most common crime in Spain is pickpocketing.

Whenever you enter a public space (from airport to the desired hotel or from hotel to spacious places) with a massive crowd you need to keep a tight tuck to your money belt (wear around your waist frontline) and do not keep all eggs in the same basket you know? Split your cash and keep small change in your pockets (just in case) if you need to use it for ticket purchasing and so on. And besides, that, travel light, or better yet keep your money in your socks! (cool idea right?).

True to its core, it is one of the busiest places in Europe. Spain is the second most visited tourist countries make it crowded and young travellers can easily get overwhelmed, and that attracts the con artists. Don’t let them take you into an alley! Or don’t accept drinks offers (or even coffee) from a complete stranger.

2. Plan Your Stay in Advance

After keeping your items safe at the moment (which is your first priority in foreign lands) choose comfortable and cheap stays. Book a place in advance to avoid sleeping on the street. Many hotels and spa resorts are available near to beach vicinity. Majority of them offer good hotel amenities as well as room amenities. Once settled comfortably why don’t you rest for the day? If not, then take a short introductory tour of the hotel you are staying in.  

You should experience being
At least once….

Want to get a feel of a foreign country? Best way to start is from your accommodation. You can talk to the manager, or other staff or even better, talk with other customers there! They can share their point of view and you can prepare yourself for the next day. Spain holidays can be well spent with your family or with friends or even solo. Just get the right medium to start your travelling.

3. Eating Goals for Breakfast

Morning glory and watching the sun at dawn is a wonderful experience if you visit the beach at brisk of dawn and observe the mediating experience.  After that, if you want common breakfast, you can stroll through the streets and try Churros with a bittersweet melted bowl of chocolate (it’s simple yet tasty!) or start with a traditional Tortilla de Patatas (thick potato omelette) when in Madrid.

4. Strolling the Streets…

Now that your belly is snoring peacefully let’s take a walk through the beautiful cities. You ought to visit Madrid besides the Costas, when it’s not too crowdie.

Being the capital city it’s rush hour at every hour of the day and yet you can visit some great shopping streets lined together so it saves your travelling. Visit El Retiro, the biggest park in Madrid that was once under monarchy is now a public park. You can even do the paddling for a full experience!

Continue to roam the streets and visit the national arm museum with the best collection of European art (it definitely catches the eye of artists).

While visiting Spain, it’s more of a convenience for you to travel via a bus ride rather than train. Although bullet trains are there too it but it can put a dent in your travelling budget. If you have enough time on your schedule hitch a bus ride to other cities or you can rent a car too if you want to travel on your own.

You’ll learn more from the street than you can ever learn in a classroom.

5. Speaking Tongues – Wisdom of Spanish Vocabulary

Learn a few phrases before you start wandering through the local streets for sightseeing. Spanish is widely spoken in Spain, being the official language, but other dialects are officially used too, like in Basque Country Euskera is spoken or in Valencia, Valencian is also an official language. Leaning introductory phrases in basic Spanish like hello (hola) or thank you (gracias) always comes in handy.  Or you can download a translator app in your cellphone (to save the effort of understanding the language). No worries, it’s a wide country so English is spoken by many too.

Avoid taking your wallet out in public. Especially avoid paying beggars if you see one! It might sound rude but it’s for your own greater good. Beggars can easily smell a tourist a mile away and they can keep following you! (yikes) and to avoid your journey from becoming a horror story follow the guidelines.

When wandering through the streets remember to communicate with the locals. They are friendly enough and can chat with you if they seem to like you. Again, language can be a barrier but the young population is better in speaking English than older adults. Respect their culture, they will respect you, it is that simple. You need to have an open mind when you visit any country in particular. You will change a number of differences in the rural towns (like Valencia, Seville) a bit downward culture as compared to mainstream cities (like Madrid, Barcelona, etc.).

While visiting Spain, learn some of basic history too, which might bear to be fruitful when visiting historical cities like Cordoba and Granada with a spectacular diverse culture in architecture and food and festivals that occur throughout the year.

6. Twirl with Local Festivals

And the festivals? Each culture represents unique festivals.  The celebrations reflect the rhythm of the country and its people together. Don’t miss it.

How can we forget about the famous La Tomatina fight? It started an estimated 70 years ago in Bunol. If you want to participate purchase a ticket in advance. If you are travelling in August, you can enjoy this festival to its root. You can also enjoy the festivities of the Gracia Festival or August Fair in Malaga. Flamenco dance and dresses, bullfighting festival, Benicassim Festival or Cordoba Patios Festival you’ve got choices to see the Spanish culture at its zenith throughout the year.

You change the world by being yourself.

Remember these common guidelines and prepare for the long-delayed trip you’ve always wanted. Be an adventurer. Be the captain of your own ship!

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