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There are numerous apartments in Dubai that provide rental services to customers. It Considering the best bed space for rent in Ajman, there are Studio Apartments as well that provide you with luxurious services. Here you will get to know about the hotel Apartments that are very spacious, convenient, and cost-effective for all people.

  • The Address Downtown Hotel Apartment, Dubai
  • Element Meaisam Apartment Dubai
  • The H Dubai Studio Apartments
  • AG Tower Dubai Studio Apartment

The Address Downtown Hotel Apartment, Dubai:

This hotel comprises well-established studio apartments. It has covered 519 square feet area. This hotel is a sign of complete modernism and luxuriousness. The hotel is situated in the town of Dubai. All its services are exclusive and highly appealing to all the customers coming here. This property also has a swimming pool, gym, and spa. It is also easily accessible to the Dubai mall and other restaurants nearby. A total of 65 floors are present in this hotel. It is a Burj Lake Hotel that gives a beautiful view of Burj lake. A total of 22 apartments are present in this hotel. All are luxurious and available with amazing services.

Element Meaisam Apartment Dubai:

This Studio apartment is well-furnished and provides you with luxurious services. It will cost you 63,000 AED rent per year. All the bills will be included in this rent. You will be provided with 24 hours security and also discounts on various services. This Studio apartment comprises of best bed space for rent in Dubai. You will be provided with seamless and authentic services and staff. All the clients are most satisfied with their services. This Studio apartment is affordable for the majority of people and will provide you beautiful view of Dubai city.

The H Dubai Studio Apartments:

The H Dubai is a five-star hotel situated in Dubai UAE. It comprises astonishing services for all the clients. This is a very beautiful Studio apartment comprising various rooms. The rooms are filled with exciting features including cleaning services, private elevator access, pass services, food discounts, laundry discounts, water and electricity availability, internet and television connectivity, etc. 

The furniture used in the room is also very modern and of high quality. This Studio apartment comprises for up to 2 adults and one child. It has a total of 13 floors. The bedrooms are equipped with one king-size bed. This Studio apartment is convenient, compact, and designed very thoughtfully.

AG Tower Dubai Studio Apartment:

This AG Tower located in Business Bay, Dubai is very spacious and has a Deluxe studio. It is having a separate lounge and dining area for visitors. The services provided by this studio apartment are very exclusive. You will get all the utilities including a chiller, electricity, gas, internet television, etc swimming pool, and a gym are also available. The rooms are designed with very exclusive architecture. All the modern furnishing is done in this Studio apartment. You will get 24 hours security while living in this apartment. It is also very close to Business Bay, Dubai.

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