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The Photographic Environment: Importance and Reasons

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Many photographers who are starting in the world when they photograph something pay attention, only and exclusively, to what they want to photograph, flowers, animals, people … but they leave out something very important: the environment of the point to be photographed using Point and Shoot Digital Camera.

The environment of the photographed is something that as we move forward in our technique and our expectations within photography not only must not be ignored, but we must pay close attention, because many times it is something that can make our photography unmarked the rest.


Choice of a place or environment

This point is one of the most important for us when we want to photograph and is that, as I mentioned in the first steps of the workflow, to know what you are going to photograph, for whom and for what use you will be given, they make this point become something infinitely important.

I’m going to put a couple of examples, the studio photograph is a photograph in which a homogeneous background will make us all the attention is based on a point. Although the studio picture may seem simple for not having problems of distractions of any kind, it is not so, because when there are no distractions of any kind the point to be photographed is exposed to the visualization of all the errors in a much simpler way.

It is therefore that a homogeneous environment with minimal distractions implies knowing how to choose what we want to photograph and that it is perfect. A clear mistake of this is to make fashion sessions with non-professional models or with few dowries for it (and I’m not talking about being pretty only); For a model without real attitude and lack of expressiveness to know what to do in this kind of photos, lets glimpse the amount of errors in these photos, even though they are technically impeccable.

Obviously the opposite can happen, we can choose an environment too loaded and with many distractions, but in this case we must know if we really want to make the person protagonist, or everything equally.

These are small examples but the idea I think is clearly exposed.


The illumination of the environment, that great forgotten

When we photograph something (and normally when it is not a landscape) there are certain aspects that we usually leave forgotten, but that sincerely hint at the small mistakes that some people make. Many people only think about illuminating the object, subject, etc … and forget many other aspects as what surrounds them.

The lighting of an environment can decant the balance to a photo towards a valid photo and with total life, while not doing it the vast majority of the time you get very little “real” photos.

Keep in mind that the Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras does not look like us, and that is why if we illuminate a person and do not take care of the light that surrounds it, we can achieve such high contrasts that they can become highly worrisome when it is visualized.

Knowing how to measure contrasts of a scene, as well as knowing the dynamic range of your camera are very important aspects, after having a clear idea in your head. Well, it does not help either if we only know the technique but we do not have an idea to simulate so that it is part of what we want to tell.

It is for all that the light of the environment will not only help to improve the photo technically but it will help us tremendously to show the “interior” of the same, as well as the “sensations” that we want to reach the spectator.

One of the best ways to see and put into practice this, is to watch movies and try to simulate (within what can be clear) some type of scene.

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