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Things not to do in Thailand

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You should bear in mind during your visit to a country that you should do nothing that does not respect the law and order of that country and the citizens of that country. Here are some rules that I noticed while I was in Thailand.

Don’t point your finger

In Thailand don’t point your finger. If you want to show something, then point with your fingers together, and hold your hand sideways. Pointing with your index finger is considered rude.

Don’t hug the Monks

Monks are super friendly in Thailand. Monks are not allowed to touch women. Actually, they would never sit next to a woman. Men can interact with Monks, but they should still keep a respectful distance.

Don’t touch their head

The head is the highest and most respected part of the body. Do not touch people in Thailand on their heads, because this is a sign of great disrespect.

Don’t put your feet up

In Buddhist culture, the feet are the lowest and most unclean part of the body. Having your feet facing toward temples, monks or the images of Buddha is especially rude and unacceptable.

Don’t Dress Inappropriately

Make sure to dress  properly when visiting temples or holy places in thailand.

Don’t think all thai women are prostitutes 

Do not believe what you see in the media, not all women are prostitutes on the streets of Thailand. So please be careful who you are approaching and how you are approaching them.

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