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Top Reasons for a Wish list for the Canary Islands

by Guest Blogger

Tropical wonders, cool Mediterranean climate is the best category in terms of holidays, right? When you imagine about travelling all you want is some good adventure and life-changing experience and some vitamin sea for your good ol’ soul. And yes, islands are a good way to escape the realities of harsh city life.

Its wondrous, pure bliss in nature and you get to enjoy the sea and tan your summer body. Pretty good no? Deciding a holiday destination is tricky. Some always know where to travel and for some, it’s a complicated process.

Remember wherever you go, go with all your heart and by your own choice that’s how you will get to enjoy yourself with friends and family.

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Well, Spain offers a classic example of a chain of islands that you can visit whenever you want and whenever you deem right time for your holiday.

Spain holidays are one of the best times of your life. There so much to do in Spain no matter how many times you visit that country; it will always bring a fresh bundle of experience for you.

Hence being the closest country, of Europe, to northern Africa, it has a mild Mediterranean climate making it just the right temperature for you to enjoy your holidays in Spain.

Geographically being located closer to Northern Africa, the Canary Islands in Spain depicts a mild climate! It’s not actually in central Europe but it is much further away hence the reason for the different climate.

It is warm enough during the day that you can enjoy your time a light top whereas at night it gets a bit cold enough to wear a light jacket.

The Canary Islands composed of seven main islands are one of the most visited places in all of Spain. The terrain of Canary Islands varies from volcanic lands to greener, lush areas as well. Surprising? That’s why it’s an adventure of your lifetime.

Here are our top reasons for our wishes why we want to go to the Canary Islands. May all your dreams come true!

Hiking the Way!

To walk in nature is discovering a thousand miracles.

How well reversed is this place in volcanic figures? Well enough to go trekking and get the adrenaline rush from it. People who love hikes and open air and a are not afraid to go under the sun for long hours are genuine lovers of such experiences.

If you have the courage why not go on foot and cover the miles all by yourself while absorbing all of the natural beauty enhancement? Tenerife is the best place for hiking purpose. Want some even more intense experience? Then I would suggest to go to Fire Mountain and discover the volcanic regions.

Besides Hiking

Sunbathing is another experience that obviously you can’t miss. Getting too pale?

Tan under the Spanish sun and get all warm and toasty here. As yo

You guys know by now that the Canary Islands got a mild climate this spot is perfect for your sun wishes to come true. But don’t forget to apply lots and lots of sunscreen, its importance can’t be sedated ever no matter how many skin treatments you go through.  For a good day at the beach, you need to have a good quantity of sunscreen applied.

Get Wet

A lot of high levels of sports are in your mind. But you can make them true.

The Canary Islands supports sporty towns and villages for sun seekers.

You can re-invent yourself in cool balmy waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Scuba diving, water surfing, and underwater diving are just warm-ups for your adventure journey in any of the main seven islands.

Coaches will guide your way through your activities and will let the birds fly after a brief lesson.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or an expert in water sports, it’s all about a fun time!

It’s All Sandy Hair

It’s hard to believe all the extraordinary blessings exist on earth.

Never knew Spain has a desert side? Well, get in line.

I was surprised to discover it myself at the shores of Gran Canaria has large sand dunes which is not technically a desert but yes, it resembles one but this 400m stretch of sand dunes on another side of the beachy shores makes it looks like a time and space gap as compared to rest of Spain.

Beautiful Seaside Towns

How about a simple strolling on the cobbled streets sounds to you? Not as exciting as the rest of activities in the Canary island?

Well, that’s where you are wrong! Walking on quiet streets one evening is a depthful experience you can’t miss. Get all experience and visit the seaside towns and in familiar surroundings of the closely clustered buildings and rooftops. Visit a rooftop café or a balcony live with vibrant colours proves to be one of the excellent views.

Dating as old as 16th or 17th century these streets are delightful for a cuppa of tea and chit-chatting your way. It’s a cultural asset to Spain in so many terms. It’s like unwrapping a present of time in our pocketful of experiences.

Wrinkle in Food

Ever tried wrinkle potatoes?

Food is a common ingredient that binds all cultures together. Papas Arrugadas is a traditional dish made of small boiled potatoes, as a side dish, in salty water leaving the skin wrinkled. It’s simple and yet it is part of major cuisines you will find in the Canary Islands besides their famous seafood.

Food is the best part of your experience.  And you don’t need a silver fork to eat the best dishes on your holiday.

Flora and fauna of any place are best diversions, everything looks alike and still abides by their differences. You will definitely enjoy the shades of trees in the coastal areas.

My favourite thing is to go where I have never been too. Let Canary Islands be your next favourite thing.

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