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Travelling Essentials For Your Next Trip

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

After working hard for months, your overall life gets really tired and you can reboot your life by traveling. Travelling allows you to enjoy fresh air and gives new memories to cherish. Our life is full of busy schedules, meetings overtime, deadlines hence traveling has become one of the fundamental necessity to refresh ourselves.

Traveling is really delightful when everything goes in a smooth way, otherwise the whole trip would turn miserable. From toothpaste to lip balm, flash light to first aid kit, sunscreen to beach towel, water bottles to pocket knife, sleeping bag to camera everything is required to have a phenomenal trip.

Based on my experience I have listed essential items to pack for your next trip. Whether it’s a long flight travel, road trip or camping, this post will help you like a real travel guide.


Backpack is the most important item. Before you do anything, just think about what type of backpack you will need for your trip. Backpacks have come a long way over the last few decades. Backpack designs have changed to meet the requirements of the modern urban traveler. 

Travelling Essentials For Your Next Trip

Comfortable Clothing/Shoes

So what type clothes and shoes should you pack for your trip? If you are going for first time, you will definitely pack too much. You should pack clothes and shoes depending upon the weather and duration of your trip. I recommend you to pack at least one extra pack of cloths.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is really handy for you when you are out. And the best practice is to bring a reusable water bottle, because you can refill it easily, so it saves your money and it is environment friendly too.

First Aid Kit

It’s really important to carry and knowing how to use items in the first aid kit when you are going for outing. First aid kits that are pre-assembled take the guesswork out of building your own, but some people prefer to use a customized kit according their needs.

There are some necessary items that every first aid kit should include like gauze pads, disinfecting ointment, adhesive bandages of various sizes, over-the-counter pain medication, nitrile gloves etc.,.

Number of people involved and duration of trip also influence the contents of your kit.

Travelling Essentials For Your Next Trip

Extra Food

It’s always a good practice to carry at least one day’s extra food with you. Because you don’t know any time something might get wrong and you have to stay for extra time.

It’s better to carry those food items that you don’t need to cook, like dried fruits, energy bars, nuts, etc.

Pocket Knife

Knives are very important outdoor tool for food preparation, gear repair, cutting rope or other emergency needs. Every adult in your group should have a high quality pocket knife.


A good and reliable flashlight is really essential for every member in your group when you are out on travelling. Just make sure, it is waterproof and sturdy enough to handle a normal drop. You should also carry extra battery cells with it.

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