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World’s Most Coolest Passports

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Imagine that people has wings and they can fly from one country to another without any boundary. But it is only possible in dreams, not in reality. Because we have boundaries and also have limitations. So we need authorization to travel from one country to another. And this authorization is called passport.

Passport, a very important and necessary thing for a citizen of a country which gives him/her the identity and citizenship of that country in which he dwells. Generally speaking, a passport is an official document issued by the government of that country containing someone’s personal information including the person’s photograph that allows a person to travel other foreign countries and authenticating the bearers identity.

More or less we all know about passport and its uses. But all the passports are not the same regarding its texture, content and outlook. The design of a passport can introduce the culture of that country. Some countries have interesting passports in various aspects. Today I am going to introduce World’s coolest passport.

World’s Most Coolest Passports

1. China

China a country with colours and culture, has amazing passport for its citizen. This country first issued passport in the year 1949. In 2014, China ranked first on issuing passport, they issued 16 million passports and in 2017 they issued over 100 million passports. And the design of Chinese passport is an example of creative art. It contains Chinese icons like great wall of china surrounded by stars which shines under ultra violet ray. Really amazing.

World’s Most Coolest Passports

2. Canada

The Canadian passport is a epitome of designer cleverly made passport. In ordinary light it looks simple but it also contains UV light secret. Under black light its national icons and images like Niagara falls, the parliament hill, technicolor maple leaves and the father of confederation glows. It is also considered for security purpose also.

World’s Most Coolest Passports
World’s Most Coolest Passports

3. Norway

Redesigned by the Oslo design company Norwegian passport is considered the 4th most powerful passport in the world. It shows off the aurora. The inside pages contains Norway’s natural landscapes in pastel shades which shows its mesmerising beauty under UV light.

World’s Most Coolest Passports

4. Australia

Australian passport in its outlook looks simple and plain featuring kangaroos, platypuses, emus which pay tribute to country’s idiosyncratic biology. But the pictures actually contains some hidden security mark. An image of a kangaroo that seems to float above the page when tilted in a particular angle which makes it extremely difficult to forge by anyone.

World’s Most Coolest Passports

5. Finland

Because of its impressive design Finnish passport is another beautiful piece of creative art. Its pages doubles like a flip book. If you quickly turn over the pages you will find a moose which is walking.

World’s Most Coolest Passports
World’s Most Coolest Passports

6. Switzerland

The Swiss passport has ranked the fifth most powerful passport in the world. Its bold color, simple design and the font of the text are a sheer beauty. And the geometric patterns under the pages are phenomenal.

World’s Most Coolest Passports
World’s Most Coolest Passports
New zealand passport

7. New Zealand

New Zealand’s passport is one of the world’s coolest passport because of its unique design. It narrates the story of the travelers and the navigation history of that country. New Zealand is surrounded by water, so travelers like early Polynesian to Modern kiwis travel to the country. Each pages of New Zealand’s passport contains the journey  of the travelers and the tools they used to learn about New Zealand throughout the era.

World’s Most Coolest Passports
World’s Most Coolest Passports
United kingdom passport

8. United Kingdom

Because of the security reason the British passport is redesigned in every five years and introduces a new design. The inner pages of the passport are remarkably designed. Also it contains the parliament house, Shakespeare’s globe theater, the London eye, Titanic Belfast.

uk passport
uk passport
Indonesia passport

9. Indonesia

The country is well known for its tourist attraction. The Indonesian passport also reflects the beautiful scenario of the country. Also it contains the picture of largest lizard on the earth named Komodo, the largest flower named Rafflesia, a single horned Rhino named Badak Jawa, a bird of heaven and a turtle.

indonesia passport design

10. Philippine

The Philippine passport features colorful illustrations of the tourist destinations, animals of the country and natural landmarks such as Mayon Vaolcano and Banawe Rice Terraces. Every page of the passport contains the national anthem of the Philippines.

World’s Most Coolest Passports
Philippine Passport
Philippine Passport

Let us know what is your passport country of issue? Comment below.

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didfish54d August 3, 2022 - 3:22 am

No way Portugals passport aint there!
personally I found Vatican Citys passport mystery and cool looking

Aurelia May 25, 2020 - 1:08 pm

I’m almost embarrased about my Danish passport as it’s really boring compared to some of these. I really love the New Zealand one (cuz It’s black, duh) and also the canadian, norwegian and british passports. They look quite nice aswell. The swiss passport is laughable. It looks like a pamflet for firstaid or something like that. they need to step up their game

Asumi Toshima December 2, 2019 - 11:26 am

Hello, I am a director of a Japanese TV program “AMAZIPANG!”.
This show will interview foreigners traveling in Japan.

An interview with a foreigner in Tokyo.
I would like to introduce this “Chinese passport” at the show.

Then can I use the photo? I will introduce this photo.
Can you use your beautiful photos in our show?

It will be broadcast in Japan on December 17th.

I look forward to your reply.
Thank you very much.


Syed December 2, 2019 - 12:14 pm

Yes, you can use the photo with our site url.

The Majapahit September 25, 2019 - 5:35 pm

I think the image of Indonesia passport is using very old version. The real new version which explained already by the author is more beautiful

Rebecca June 25, 2019 - 12:40 am

Thanks for sharing this with us ????

David R. Childress June 19, 2019 - 2:26 pm

My passport country of issue is USA. I want to know is there any specility on my passport?

Syed June 20, 2019 - 12:49 am

Thank you David for your comment. The design of your country passport also cool.