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Best Holiday for 2021: Dubai Trip

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Are you tired of the everyday hustle in your life and need a vacation soon? If yes, don’t think much and start planning your getaway. If you have not already thought about Dubai as your ideal destination for an exciting vacation, do so now and book a Dubai tour package today. 

Get the fantastic holiday Dubai tour package booked for the year 2021!!!

When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

Winter is the best time to make new memories and snap some beautiful pictures during your visit to Dubai. Do you know why?

Scorching heat in summers at Dubai will almost make you lazy to get out of your hotel room and enjoy even sightseeing, forget about doing other fun activities. 

Will the Dubai Tour Package be Expensive?

If you are cautious of spending a huge amount of your savings due to the peak season, then do not worry. Mid-November to mid-February is the months that attract the most visitors, and now that they are over means the prices are likely to get more reasonable and fit your vacation tour package budget. With one and a half months of the winter season still left, you have a chance to prepare well for your soon-to-be-memorable trip. 

When searching online you will see many Dubai tour packages from 2 days to 2 weeks and more with some of the best discount deals. 

Avail some exciting offers from roaming routes to enjoy the cheapest package.

Get a layout planned for all the places you want to visit and the activities you want to indulge in beforehand. While booking a Dubai tour package, check if it covers the costs of your to-and-fro flight, your stay along with the meals, and your complete traveling around the city. Make sure you go through all the details and offerings before making the payment.

Ufff!!! the language will be a barrier during the visit.

If you are wondering about having difficulties in communicating with people, then put it to a stop now. You will be astonished when you will find many people fluently speaking English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and other languages in Dubai, despite Arabic being the official language there.

Ok, tell me what to pack. Things I should carry on my trip to Dubai

Packing your travel bag is an important step that will make your trip comfortable. So stuffing these items is crucial when you are traveling to an international destination- multivitamins, international adapter & charger, and a waterproof case for your mobile phone. You can assort your comfortable clothing and other items in packing cube sets. 

The excitement to see around the city would overpower your tiredness after your landing. But you should prepare your tour bag in advance that you can carry while traveling around. Keep your documents, cards, and cash in hand ready to avoid any sour moments during your vacation.

Local taxis, buses, metro trains, bikes, and boats can be your rides during your stay in Dubai. 

What are the Things to do in Dubai?

Dubai offers you all types of tourist spots and activities that you could ever imagine doing. It is a complete package destination for a vacation giving you some heartwarming experiences filled with joy. Dubai is an ideal dream holiday destination, away from mundane life. Below are some of the most famous places in Dubai that you would not want to miss.

1. Burj Khalifa

The thrill of being at the top of Burj Khalifa can be nerve ending, but worth the view from the top of the highest skyscraper in the world. Even finding out about it on Google won’t be enough, if you are in Dubai, Burj Khalifa is a place you must visit and should be at the top of your tourist spots list.

2. Dubai Aquarium & Underground Zoo

In Dubai, you can dive into the world of marine life and enjoy the sea breeze hitting you while you watch the sunset from a giant cruise or a beach. And if you are a huge fan of aquatic species, then you should see some of the most exotic organisms of the marine world at the aquarium and underground zoo in Dubai. Scuba diving is yet another activity you could do in Dubai which has multiple places like Jumeirah Beach, Martini Rock, Sharm Rock, Dubai World Islands, Mv Ludwig, etc. that offer this exhilarating pleasure.

3. The Palm

The comfort and the amazing view from one of the hotel rooms at The Palm will surely make you want to stay for a while more and then some more. And if you want to have the real, complete and top view of this palm tree-shaped beauty surrounded by a circle, try skydiving.

The pictures would never do justice to the real view and the sight will forever be saved in your mind.

4. Dubai Desert Safari

If you are in for some adventure, Dubai Desert Safari will be a perfect choice to get the experience of adrenaline intoxicating your veins. Mornings are the most suitable time of the day for this kind of adventure. To add some more thrill, try dune bashing or sandboarding.

5. Ski Dubai

While at Ski Dubai, you can escape to the land of snow, with the penguins there giving you the feel of being at Antarctica. The best time to have some skiing fun at this indoor snow park is before or after the penguin march. You can be one of the bystanders every day at 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.

I am foodie!! Will I get sumptuous meals to relish?

With all the adventure and trips, you would need to feed yourself with some delicious and authentic Emirati dishes. To name a few you could try falafel, hummus, khameer, tabbouleh, luqaimat, and more. And maybe learn a few recipes from the locals so you could try them at home.

Don’t forget to keep a good budget aside from your Dubai tour package for your shopping spree. The Mall of Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. This can be just the right place to buy some gifts and personal goodies or would you prefer the local markets?

Roaming Routes is India’s leading tour operator who plans some exciting trips to Dubai.  Their Dubai tour packages are affordable, comprehensive and fun filling. They ensure you have some gala moments to cherish lifelong. Their assistant escorts you in the most professional way and is at your service 24/7 on the foreign land.

Make your getaway extravagant by just being in Dubai. It is a city with an exotic combination of the modern world and the beauty of nature. The tall buildings and great infrastructure only enhances the scenic beauty alluring and holding the viewer captive with its magic. Remember, your Dubai tour package includes more than the cost of traveling, it has in store a chance to make pleasant memories that you could cherish forever.

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