If you are tired of narrating your travel stories to your family and friends, then you are at the right place. We will help you share your travel experiences with more than 5000 monthly visitors. Away4mHome is a community, social network for the traveler. Our blog is made from Post of me and other travelers around the world. We welcome all to share their stories! We are on the lookout for interesting and entertaining stories that readers will want to read and benefit from. Submit travel guest post here.

Procedure:  Completing Guest Posts

  1. Email us your story and photos. [email protected]
  2. We will look it and format your post to our blog.

Some Points to keep in Mind before submitting your post

• An Article should be atleast 800 words long. But don’t try to stuff up the article with generic stuff.

• If you plan to submit a guide to a destination, make sure you are including plenty of facts along with your opinions.

• All authors are required to submit high-resolution, landscape-oriented (horizontal) photos for each POI ( Points of Interest ) in the guide. Authors will be duly credited for the photos they submit.

• All the content submitted will be screened for quality and grammatical errors. We may even make small edits to make it more reader friendly.

• We fully own the content if we publish it on our blog. You are not allowed to publish the content on your blog or anywhere else in any format ( PDF, Video etc. )

By now you may have realized we want only serious travel writers to contribute guest posts on our site.

Promoting Your Guest Post

  1. Let’s promote the post together by sharing it through our various channels and responding to reader comments.
  2. Social media (twitter, facebook, instagram etc) is a great way to promote your efforts and to attract new viewers.
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