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6 Railway journeys to blow your mind

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Railway journeys are known as more pleasant, stress-less, relaxing and comfortable journey to its travelers. People can cross a long distance faster and easier by a train of any form of journeys. Railway journey becomes a time to relax rather than a stressful intermission between home and destination. Some railway journeys showcase to its travelers the extreme beauty of the landscape of earth. Here are the 6 railway journeys in the world to blow your mind.

1. Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express, Russia.

Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express is praised for being the greatest rail journey of the world. This luxury train connects east and west from Moscow over the Urals. The journey makes the travelers witness the magnificent and endless steppe and the shore of the largest freshwater lake of the world,along the sides. To meet the specific preferences of the travelers, the accommodation compartments are categorized as Imperial Suites Stats, Gold class and Silver Class.

6 Railway journeys to blow your mind

2. Rovos Rail, Africa

Rovos Rail is a luxury train of Africa. Which has combined the golden era of train travel with the modern conveniences, creating an unforgettable and extravagant elegance of yesteryear. This experience is not to be missed as the journey begins in the magnificent Edwardian-styled departure room,to the unforgettable time spent on-board the opulent Rovos Rail.

6 Railway journeys to blow your mind

3. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada.

Rocky Mountaineer is the best train to travel to those who want to experience the warm Canadian hospitality. The travelers can choose from the routes such as Goldleaf service, Silverleaf service, Redleaf service and Whistler. By World Travel Awards, this luxury train travel has also been awarded for the seventh time for “ World’s leading travel experience by train”. Along with this Travel+Leisure has also awarded  this train as one of the world’s “Best Life Changing Trips”.In 2013 Rocky Mountaineer has also introduced a new route, Coastal Passage, which connects Seattle to the Canadian Rockies.

6 Railway journeys to blow your mind

4. Royal Scotsman, Scotland.

Royal Scotsman luxury train travel is praised for taking its travelers to the heart of the highlands. The landscapes of pine-clad mountains and their reflection in mirror-still lochs serve a breathtaking view for the travelers on board. With 36 passengers in total, the train assures the most personal travel experience.

5. The Chepe, Mexico

The impressive railway journey of the Chepe on the most spectacular route of the world, takes its travelers across the beautiful landscape. The travelers of this train gets a tremendous opportunity  to know about the Raramuri culture. Raramuri culture is the most and best preserved in Mexico. The Chepe, began its journey in 1961,after 11 years of planning and construction. Crossing the Tarahumara Sierra and other major tourist attractions,the train travels twice daily about 405 mile route.

6 Railway journeys to blow your mind
6 Railway journeys to blow your mind

6. Maharajas Express, India

Maharajas Express has been voted as “The World’s Leading luxury Train”at “The World Travel Awards,2012. Along with this the train was also listed amongst the World’s Top 25 Trains, in 2011 by “The Society of International Railway Travellers”. The onboard accommodation, dining facilities,service,and off train excursion program are some of the considered parameters. Maharajas Express also bagged the first runner up award at “Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Travel Award” in the Specialist Train Operators Category in 2011.

6 Railway journeys to blow your mind
6 Railway journeys to blow your mind
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