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The Easter Escape – Best destinations for Easter

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Planning to escape the boring and tiring everyday routine and treat your soul with some fresh and enthusiastic holiday? Well, what would be a better time than EASTER? The most beloved and much-awaited Spring Holiday, Easter is around the corner and you need to start planning right now! Here we go with some worth visiting destinations that can multiply your festive excitement to the fullest.

Antalya, Turkey

Reflecting the essence of ancient times, screeching out the remaining parts from the history and associating Asia to Europe is a land called “Turkey” that incorporates savoring shorelines and the breathtaking views of mountains. Antalya is the most beloved tourists’ spot in Turkey and you can simply not afford to miss such ultimate Beauty of this land. Antalya has so much to offer for the visitors including the amazing perspective of the rich green mountains and reviving shorelines. You would never get disappointed when visiting Antalya as the people there are extremely welcoming and loveable. It is a jam-packed combination of the mesmerizing nature’s views, hotels, resorts, bars and eateries serving the delightful menu to the voyagers and fulfilling them with the ideal mix of the perfection, taste, and fun all together.

Palma, Spain

Palma is the best place for easter holiday. Palma is the resort city and the Capital of the Island of Majorca in Spain. This place itself is a heaven on earth. The calm and peaceful atmosphere is worth experiencing once in a lifetime. Easter would be a great time to explore this Island of Sun and Shoreline. The people over there enjoy a pretty ideal temperature throughout the year which is approx. 17.9° C. As per its name, the Island is surrounded by rich Palm trees and Pine forests giving a mesmerizing panoramic view. Some of the most visiting places over there include the Cathedral, the Palace of Almudaina, and Plaza Mayor. You will completely lose yourself between the magnificent views loaded with bays, shorelines, and bluffs on the coast.

Monastir, Tunisia

Situated at the coastline of the blue sea and encompassing long golden sandy beaches in the city of Monastir which is also known as Mistīr in Tunisia. It is well known for its gorgeous Marina and Fishing Port. It is completely an ideal destination for the beach holidays and people from all around the world visit this City of sandy beaches and crystalline water. Monastir has so much to offer you including water sports, Golf, Fishing, Shopping and chilling out.

Hurghada, Egypt

Stretching 40 kilometres along the Red Sea coast of Egypt is the beach resort situated known as Hurghada. It is a renowned spot for scuba diving and people can’t simply resist the beauty of this place. The bars, restaurants, Egyptian coffee shops and nightclubs add much glamour to this beautiful destination. Go witness the eye-catching scenes of nature along with coral reefs and soothing turquoise waters this Easter with your friends and family.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Yet there is another beach resort situated in the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana. It is well known for its luxurious Marinas and fine dining. You can enjoy everything from leisure to nature, culture, spas, and adventure at Punta Cana. It would be a great destination to witness this Easter.

This Easter holiday, let your souls escape the burdensome daily life and live a little by travelling to your favourite destinations especially when it’s made this easier with the Thomas Cook discount codes. Embrace the peace and make the most of this much-awaited spring holiday and celebrate it in a different style this year.

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