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I like to travel, prefer to travel alone and quietly

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

I like to be quiet, I also like to travel, I prefer a person to travel quietly. The world of one person is also very beautiful. The beauty comes from the inner “seeing”, the noisy world will only make me feel depressed and my temper will grow bigger and bigger. Going alone, walking through every familiar street, the quiet world is beautiful, the beauty is addictive, and it has been in the quiet sea for a long time.

Travel, the biggest travel is no one’s life, the arrival of people, after years of frosting, the transformation of sadness, joy, separation, and harmony, after all, reach a quiet world, the end of life. In this way, a trip was terminated, the silence was terminated, and even the memories of the journey were blown away by the breeze.

Travel is really a wonderful thing. Travel is the beginning of entertainment. Traveling can calm down your impetuous heart, and then enjoy the good life slowly. Even the air that breathes is sweet. I often travel, of course, far from the real tourists, I am at most walking around, and there is not much travel far away. However, I still like to travel.

I like the kind of travel in the car, sitting quietly in the soft seat, sometimes closing my eyes and thinking, then a string of beautiful words will float in my mind, sometimes I feel full. A car that carries me too much to miss.

solo travel

Sometimes I open my eyes and admire the past scenes. If in the spring, I will see the green wheat fields that are covered with mud and earth, and the green mothers are so spoiled by the earth mothers. It will make you feel embarrassed, it seems that it is showing off to you, how happy it is, that feeling will make you angry and angry.

I really like this kind of travel. It’s simple, there is no baggage, no one is bothered, no noise, everything is so quiet, bloom in the silent world, let your own bold imagination, unrestrained.

Sometimes, I am obsessed with such a comfortable imagination, indulge in the beautiful flowers and plants, dirt, houses, every street, every scene. Stupidly riding in the car, traveling again and again, thinking, remembering…

I remember once, there was nothing, I got on the car without purpose, and started a perfect trip. The unusual thing was that at the beginning of a trip, just a few short steps on the way, I set foot on the way back. .

When I got to the station by car, I had to get off the bus, I got off the car in just a few steps, and I set foot on another car that I went home. This kind of trip, I’m afraid it would make many people laugh, how silly a ridiculous person is, no Those who have experienced will not feel anything, and the beauty of them will not be experienced.

A person, sometimes a person is also very good, a person should have his own happiness, but also should make his life colorful, a person’s life should also be full of love, a person’s travel, so It is endless and full of hope everywhere. In a quiet world, there will be colorful imaginations, and peace of mind. A person’s travel is another taste. If you are a true traveler, you will definitely love to read, eight best ideas for effective last-minute traveling.

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