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Places to capture attractive photographs in Dubai

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Be it people or a place, a bird or an animal every living being here has a unique story and, photography is all about finding out that story.

Every new photo evokes a little smile and more happiness on us as there is magic behind those camera lenses that beautifies anything and everything; subconsciously stating that Beauty is everywhere!!

So, what if we move on to world’s that corner where everything is biggest, tallest and greatest in the planet, and find out some truly attractive photography spots in Dubai, to capture pictures with life.

The land of Dubai indeed incorporates so many photo spots. Let’s look into a few.

1. Soak into the Desert Sunset and Forget the World at Al Qudra Lake

Enjoy the numerous photographic miracles hidden in the desert oasis of Arabia. Al Qudra welcomes your camera lens to witness the beautiful desert sunset, lovely lake views and many more wildlife attractions including Steppe Eagle and the Asian Houbara along its vastness.

2. Spectacular Water Snaps at the Fairmont Beach, Palm Jumeirah

Evoke the Photography addict in you, and blend your photographs with all the divine colors of the underwater world. Let your lens focus on those palm trees spread over Dubai’s skyline and feel its reflections on the nearby water pond like never before.

3. Capture the Second Home of Flamingos at Ras Al Khor sanctuary

Never miss exploring Ras Al Khor sanctuary, the homeland of thousands of migratory birds. It is spread along the wetland nature reserve of Ras Al Khor. The unique flamingos lying in proximity to Downtown Dubai provides spectacular photo highlights, especially if taken at times of adorable sunset and sunrise. Being one of the most photogenic places in Dubai, Ras AI Khor is a must visit destination to capture some elegant pictures.

4. There is so much Love in Shades of Blue, the Dubai Beach

Indulge in the captivating glimpses of Dubai Beach and witness the shoreline that always glitters. Capture the lovely views of the mesmerizing sea and the morning sun, and make your frames more beautiful. Let the distant view of Burj Al Arab and its pretty outskirts overwhelm the snapper inside you.

5. The Beauty of Loftiness, that’s what Burj Khalifa has to say

World’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, stands out in the Arabian shore as a symbol of glitz and glamour that reflects modernity. While you climb to the top, the spacious deck on the 456th floor offers a 360-degree view of this ultra-modern city. Do not miss the chance for your wandering camera eyes to click the panoramic glimpses of the Dubai City.

6. A Landscape to Witness the Waking Call of Nature; Hot Air Ballooning at Sunrise

It’s a dream to fly over the sky, isn’t it? That’s why flying hot air balloons at sunrise, thrills even the hearts of non-photo enthusiast’s. Take your camera and experience every frame as the planet arises from sleep.

7. Take Pictures of the Historic City of Al Bastakiya

Take a cultural trip to the past days of Dubai when its wealth circle was grounded to pearl trading and diving. As you pass the coffee museum and art cafes of this place, you will find out the mysterious another half of this city, way beyond the waves of its modernity. Never miss the photogenic visuals of this unbelievable spot of Dubai located in a truly thriving landscape.

With a million visitors crossing the sea every year, Dubai is everyone’s paradise and miraculously photogenic heaven where everything small, big, natural or man-made is waiting for frames and the cameras.

So take a trip to Dubai Half Day City Tour with UAE’s No.1 Travel Operator OceanAir Travels and never miss these spots waiting for your magical hands to capture the lucky charms!

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