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Dubai and it’s mind blowing beauty

by Syed Saifulla Ahsan

Dubai is one of most beautiful holiday destination around the world. Dubai has some extra ordinary places for family entertainment. Also Dubai has become a tourist point in these past few year just because of its alluring and exhilarating beauty and also because of its tall buildings and mordacity which attract zillions of people around the world because it is extra eye-catching and your heart literally keeps on saying to you that you should come here and have fun with your families.

Dubai has grown to a main hub of luxurious lifestyles, shopping and a spot where usually tons of families come in every holiday with their friends and family members to spend their leisure time with full facilities and a comforting zone also with an elite lifestyle where everything is served in front of you within seconds.

Desert Safari

Dubai and it's mind blowing beauty

Desert safari is the go to place for families as it is a family destination; also the main entertainment spot as visiting a desert is a complete different thing. Desert safari has so many activities for you and your kids which include riding on bashing sand dunes, and camel ride. This ride will be so joyous. You can see the whole desert while travelling on the camel accompanied by a guide who will help you sit on the camel. You can see this very extra ordinary desert under an open sky while sitting on tall Arabian camel and heavy a bumpy ride on this golden sandy desert.

Desert safari has its own uniqueness and its own beauty. All the features are literally indescribable, kind of a magic until and unless you go there and see it by yourself for real. When we think of going to desert there might be a vague image of people struggling for facilities mainly water and food. People facing harsh difficulties but that’s not the case with desert safari. It’s literally the opposite.

Quad Biking

Dubai and it's mind blowing beauty

You can also do quad biking. This activity is mainly for adults and teenagers. Quad biking is literally so fun. Thrilling bikes on silky sand rushing it over and racing, all very adventurous

Sandboarding and Camel Ride

You can do sand boarding on the silky sand of the desert safari. You can also have a ride on the camel which accompanied by the guide for you. The guide will help u sit on the camel easily. The strip of golden sand and camels roaming slowly and steadily and sky with the deep colors is a view which is quiet soulful and which is captured by thousands of people visiting this place.

Belly Dance

Belly dancers just kill the performance over there. They’ll make you happy and make you feel alive. They’ll make you feel happy, cheerful and real and this all will be so much fun for you and your family.

Dubai holiday package deals make sure that you get no trouble while planning your trip to Dubai and get all the luxurious and comfort. These deals have the main motive to satisfy you and make you believe that you spent your money on the right place from Desert Safari UAE

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