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Top Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in South Tyrol, Italy

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The Dolomites are among beautiful mountain ranges in the world. On our top 5 hiking trails in South Tyrol, you will get to know the mountains from their most beautiful side.

In South Tyrol, a total of more than 17,000 km of hiking and forest trails await you. Surrounded by picturesque nature, you can experience the diversity of the Dolomites here on different difficulty levels. Choose between a hiking trail with a panoramic view or a hike in the untouched nature of the Texelgruppe Nature Park or the Schlern Nature Park.

Besides, the different seasons in South Tyrol favor one or the other hiking trail: While in summer, the alpine tours are more popular in cool heights, cozy trips through the valley are preferred in spring. Here the environment has already awakened from hibernation and marvel at one or the other plant splendor. No matter what you choose, South Tyrol is the perfect destination for your hiking holiday.

The Waalwege: Hike to Juval Castle

The Top Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in South Tyrol, Italy

Centuries ago, the South Tyrolean farmers created narrow canals – called “whales” – to provide their fields and crops with enough water from the higher valleys in periods of drought. In addition to the Waals, well walkable trails were created so that the farmer could easily clean polluted vaults. Particularly low-precipitation communities such as Naturno and Meran developed a comprehensive network of such waterways. The unique thing about these hikes is that they are usually traversable without high gradients. The highest point of these tours is the Juval Castle, perched high on a rock in the middle of the Dolomites. The extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner has expanded the castle to his residence in South Tyrol. A hiking trail from Tschars leads over the Schnals Waalweg in about 8 kilometers uphill to the castle. Take a best hiking backpack for this distance From up there you will see a beautiful, nice view at 456 m altitude on the Meraner Land. Back then it goes on the Stabner Waalweg. Overall, this hike takes about three hours and fifteen minutes.

Hike around the Pragser Wildsee

The Top Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in South Tyrol, Italy

Dive into the legendary landscape around Lake Braies in the Dolomites. Because, according to the South Tyrolean mythology, one gets there by boat into the underground parts of the Empire of the Fanes. The now-buried gate to the underworld is said to have been located at the southern end of the lake. On this approximately 4 km long hike, you can immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Lake Braies. During the almost 1 hour and 15 minutes of the walk, you can enjoy, among other things, the emerald-green water, which reflects the mountain peaks, and the rarified mountain air. A small stop at the Marienkapelle, which is about 3.5 km from the starting point, is a nice place to breathe on the hiking trail. The trails are mostly well accessible and can, therefore, be walked by hikers with different fitness levels.

Biotope lap of Caldaro

Lake Caldaro includes the largest preserved wetland between the Po Valley and the main Alpine ridge of the Dolomites. The reed area at the south end is a nature reserve and nesting site for countless birds and marsh animals of South Tyrol. A hike here will bring you to the naturalness of nature and a lookout tower on the nature adventure path gives you the opportunity to spend a moment and to take a closer look at the beauty of this biotope. In total, the tour covers 8.2 km, which you can walk in about 2 hours. For the way itself no special skills are required because it is easy to walk on. You can start from the motorhome parking Morandell.


The Top Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in South Tyrol, Italy

The Peitlerkofel is with 2875 m the highest mountain of the Peitlerkofel Gruppe in South Tyrol and the starting point of many mountain tours. So also the hiking route from the Peitlerscharte on the 35th circular route. The start is the bus stop Ju de Börz; from there it goes directly below the mighty Peitlerkofel to the Peitlerscharte. Once there you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Central Alps. Then it goes on the 35th loop, which requires an excellent slip resistance, sturdy shoes and a satisfied basic condition due to its partly unpaved roads. For beginners, the Peitlerscharte is therefore not suitable. Overall, the route leads along with beautiful landscapes with numerous views and then ends back at the starting point, the bus stop.

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