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Victoria Falls – Best Time to Visit

by Guest Blogger

Victoria Falls should be on top of your priority list if you are looking for the grandest vacation and the ultimate adventure. This world-renowned destination is potentially the largest solo waterfall in the globe. Also referred to as Mosi-oa-Tunya, the waterfalls take on the name with the meaning “the smoke that thunders.”

Visiting Victoria Falls (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)

With such overwhelming dimension, the falls receive the entire width of the great Zambezi
River, which flows over a narrow gorge in all its vertical grandeur. The misty chasm and the
beautiful view surrounding the falls could be quite surreal but it is exactly the scene that
garnered its reputation for a virtual nonstop downpour.

As a result of its fame and captivating beauty, Victoria Falls is one of the most visited and
sought-after tourist destinations in the world. However, getting the most of visiting the falls
and enjoying its impressive beauty is an entirely tricky ordeal. The type of experience that you could gain from your adventure to the falls mainly depends on timing.

When to Go

So, when exactly is the best time to visit Victoria Falls and for you to plan and embark on your journey? According to several reviews and recommendations from tourists and enthusiasts of this remarkable falls, the ideal time when to go to the spot is from February to May or just when the summer rains of the region just commenced. This is also the time when you can actually witness the largest falling water sheet flows at its grandest volume.

The kickoff of the green season is around November when the first spring rains would fall. However, it would take several months for Victoria Falls to receive the water from the Angolan Highlands and enjoy the massive gorges. It is also when you could see the misty magic from the gathered steam that manifests when the dry winter during the mid-year has come and gone.

Activities and More at the Falls

Everyone wants to experience the sensory overload of Victoria Falls with a blend of heat,
moisture, and noise that combines into a natural and unforgettable showstopper. However, going to a safari trip may not be a good idea during the green season specifically between February and May. It is not advisable to be in close proximity to the falls’ neighbor, Botswana.

A holiday in Victoria Falls is perfect as well as going to a Chobe day trip tours and safari
between June and August or during the dry winter period. This is the perfect time to enjoy a
great game viewing along with cool nights and warm days and with little to no rain. Most
importantly, the water thundering over the precipice completes this naturally exceptional

Finally, visiting the falls is not ideal when the dry winter period is done, specifically from
October to November. This time is when the water level is at its lowest and the weather is quite humid and hot. Victoria Falls gives you panoramic views at a certain time of the year but wrong timing could only reveal bare rocks so plan wisely!

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