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10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

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Halloween is a time for celebration for everyone; the events and revelries that you can be a part of our varied and not limited to any specific age-group. Most of the big cities in the US have all-night parties and parades organized to celebrate this special occasion. There are plenty of options to enjoy family vacations in Disney theme parks and in many historic American small towns. Across the US, almost every city is all geared to celebrate the ghost season with spooky rituals, haunted tours, and costume pageants. Here are 10 best places to celebrate Halloween in the USA where you can enjoy your next Halloween in style:

Keene Pumpkin Festival, Keene, New Hampshire

The biggest draws of this festival are magical creatures, horror tales and a variety of entertainment. You can be a part of their sales, parades, food and beverage tasting, concerts, etc. You can come dressed up in fancy attire as witches and elves to be a part of their costume parade.

Village Halloween Parade, New York

This is more than just celebrating Halloween because it promises you a host of memorable adventurous experiences. More than a million guests come here simply to catch a glimpse of the parade costumes. It is possibly the largest parade globally and you will find circus acrobats, puppets, bands and singers as part of the celebrations. 

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, California

10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

You will find crowds gathering here for the famous parade that is dedicated to Halloween. There are exciting shows, breathtaking fireworks and a host of food vendors to keep you entertained through the night. Almost 500,000 visitors are expected every year on the Santa Monica Boulevard for this street celebration. 

Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts

For the lovers of horror tales and mystery stories, there are a variety of options on this festival. You will find answers to all your queries on paranormal activities and the dead. For those fascinated with American history, this event has a special significance because it focuses on the witch trial legacy. 

Chicagoween, Chicago, Illinois

This is another of the best places to celebrate Halloween in the US. People begin preparing for it for many months and streets are adorned with pumpkins. Fountain waters are made yellow and orange while buildings are covered with images of witches.

Las Vegas Halloween Parade, Nevada

10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

You can be part of this celebration for free; you simply pick out a costume and get ready to party. You get to win prizes for the costumes and you can try out a variety of cuisines in the cafes and pubs. There are exciting contests for visitors and live concerts by well-known bands.

Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade, Atlanta, Georgia

This caters to tourists keen to enjoy live concerts, food tasting and beverage tasting, entertainment, etc. The parade is a must-watch and the festival welcomes one and all.

Anoka Halloween, Anoka, Minnesota

This is quite a popular Halloween parade, focusing on promoting the age-old traditions. There are students taking part in large numbers, dressed as magical creatures.

Spooky Empire’s The Ultimate Horror Weekend, Orlando, Florida

This is one of the biggest horror fests and its popularity has soared in the recent years, because it is entertaining for all age-groups. You get to interact with scary movie actors.

Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade, New Orleans

This is one event that you should never miss because it makes all horror tales come alive. The Kern Studio displays 3D sculptures of the scary movie characters to give you the fright of a lifetime.

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