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Fun things to do in Windsor Ontario

by Guest Blogger

Travel, eat, sleep and work. This is the motto every young individual in today’s era. Kids are smart and they know to manage fun and work together. The dream of being an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake and success doesn’t knock at your door after putting an effort without consistency. However, a smart working generation has proved that they can have fun and play while working hard on their goals and still happen to achieve their goals.

Windsor is one of the city of Ontario that has an inspiring culture for us. I was on a short business but had a chance to be around the city without any hassles. Usually, I attend meetings or conferences and relax back in my hotel. This time, the mood and ambience were different. There was an addictive charm of fun and excitement in the city that I couldn’t resist ditching my rest plans and went out for exploration.

However, I have some of the places that anyone can explore this amazing city. It is not only rich in culture and history but has some fine wineries too. You can find the best restaurants and eat without any external interference.

What to explore in Windsor Ontario?

Book your Windsor limo and allow yourself to explore this enchanting beauty without any interruption during your trip. I, being a workaholic has always been reluctant for outdoor activities but this city has inspired me to do things that I would never do in usual terms. So, here are some of the places for learners and researchers. You have plenty of room for more information in your brain and this city can sense the need. Art, history and culture are calling you to explore them and spread the word around the city.

Fun things to do in Windsor Ontario

Gardens and Trails

Gardens and trails are for the exotic experience and scenic view of the city. Ojibway Nature Centre and Chrysler Canada Greenway are the popular trails for a perfect outdoor session or one-to-one interaction with nature. Dieppe Gardens and Jackson Park are other best places to enjoy some time watching people, observing nature and feeling the peaceful ambience.

Museums and Galleries

Art Gallery of Windsor has some interactive and magical art pieces. Some are from the modern world while others are from the historical era. Chimczuk Museum has detailed history tales on everything that has ever happened in the city or around the town. Researchers have a great chance of enjoying the best of it.

Family Aquatic Complex

It is a family complex but you can enjoy some alone time too. It’s an Adventure Bay Family Water Park. It has a beach entry wave pool, body surfing simulators, a lazy river, roller-coaster and the best splash zone playground. All of these are fun and if you have kids along, you will even enjoy more.

Little Tip at the end: Enjoy all you can but don’t take risk of hiring a taxi at last-minute. Reserve your Windsor Limo service before leaving the hotel. Get the door to door ride and you will have the more exciting and safest time of exploration. Plus, they know well about the places and can guide you even better.

What to Eat and Drink in Windsor, Ontario?

There is a famous Italian restaurant that serves one of the best cuisines. Spago Italian Restaurant, this is of the restaurants for Pasta and pizza lovers. A low appetite but taste delicious. If you are on a diet, be careful or you would think that we didn’t warn you. Then there is Taloola café for a perfect coffee date or you can enjoy it alone but what’s the fun in it. So, take your significant other along and enjoy the amazing of the town. The place is perfect for travellers, peaceful and warm. There are a lot more restaurants and cafes in the town but these 2 are the perfect match of a traveller.

So, enjoy the best of your journey even if you are on a business trip or have other commitments. This city has the corner full of cafes and restaurants that are nothing but aromatic and delicious in serving and as for the food. Break the norm and enjoy every moment of your life regardless of the happenings or schedules. Take out some time for fun and adventure.

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